Chinese 'City Of Sex' Has So Many More Women The Men Have 'Several' Girlfriends


It sounds like every man’s dream and for those living in one Chinese city, having two or three girlfriends is the reality.

Dubbed the ‘city of sex’, Dongguan is home to so many women that the men living there are dating several women at once.

And with local factories preferring to give jobs to women as they are more reliable, men are forced to take part time work - meaning they have a lot more time for love.

One man told local TV: “It is a lot easier here to find a girlfriend than a job.”

Li Bin, a migrant factory worker from south-western Sichuan Province, said: "I have three girlfriends, and all of them know about each other.


“Many of my friends also have many girlfriends.

"There are so many young and naive female workers in the city. Why not have more than one if we can?

“Look, everyone is here to have fun; if you don’t do it, others will.”

Li Bin admitted that it was a “joke” for a man to only have one female partner.

The high female population is thought to be down to China’s one child policy, which has created a bit of a gender imbalance between the sexes.

And while men are dating more than one women at a time, their girlfriends are apparently fine with it, with many women still willingly and knowingly involving themselves in relationships with men who already have other partners.


A Yi, 25, said he went to Dongguan to find a wife, and has now found a girlfriend to pay his bills while he remains unemployed.

According to the Guangdong Women’s Rights and Information Service, the women in Dongguan pretend not to know about other partners or simply ignore their existence.

But they prefer the arrangement as it is better than being lonely, the women’s rights group added.

It is thought that most women living in the city see their lifestyle as temporary, and simply a necessary evil before they return home to get married.

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