Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump to sue State of N.Y., FBI and CIA for 100 million dollars over Malcolm X assassination

In a news conference, Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump said he will file a notice of claim with intent to sue the State of N.Y., the FBI and the CIA for 100 million dollars for the alleged assassination of Malcolm X.

Video Transcript

BEN CRUMP: Based on the government's admission that they conceal evidence involving the assassination of Malcolm X, the truth of what happened and who was involved has always been critical.

So today, at the Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center, we announce and give formal notice to the City of New York, the State of New York, and the federal government and its agencies, the FBI and the CIA, that the family members intend to sue, bring a wrongful death lawsuit, based on these new revelations that have now finally been substantiated.

ILYASAH SHABAZZ: On February 21, 1965, my mother came here excited to see her husband because the week prior her home had been firebombed. She walked in here happy, and she left out shattered. Today, we will celebrate our father's life and legacy with the community because it is something that my mother did every year for as long as I can remember with my sisters and just the larger community. We will also seek justice for a man, a very young man-- he was only 39 years old-- who gave his life for human rights.

BEN CRUMP: Nobody can imagine what they've had to endure. And so for this great injustice, we will be filing a wrongful death lawsuit against these governmental entities for $100 million on behalf of his daughters that are coming forward.