Clickolding, from the I Am Your Beast devs, looks like a clicking nightmare

The creator calls it the “most necessary, distressing game I've ever directed.”

Strange Scaffold

There’s about to be a new clicking game in town, and this one looks like an absolute nightmare (in a good way.) Clickolding, which seems to derive its name from cuckolding, is described on Steam as a “dark incremental narrative game about thumbing a tally counter to satisfy the distressing masked man sitting in the corner of your hotel room.” Yikes.

There’s a trailer and it only adds to the whole unsettling feeling surrounding this game. There is indeed a distressing masked man sitting in the corner of a hotel room demanding that you click a tally counter. There’s something… violent and almost sexual about the whole thing. What happens when you click enough? Do you get a bag of money? Does he explode? Do you explode? Does it turn into a new entry in the Saw franchise? I guess we’ll find out on July 16, which is when the game is set to release on PC.

Of course, clickers aren’t exactly high art, but this one is developed by Strange Scaffold, the company behind El Paso, Elsewhere, I Am Your Beast and Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, among others. So we have some hope that the game could turn the simple clicking formula into something unique. It’s also being published by Outersloth, an indie game fund started by the creators of Among Us. With that pedigree, there’s no way Clickolding ends up being a standard clicker. Did we mention the creepy guy in the corner? He also has a gun.

It’s rare that a clicking game becomes a bona-fide phenomenon, but it's not unheard of. Just last week, one called Banana rose to the top of the Steam charts. That one didn’t have a creepy guy in a hotel room, but did offer the potential to make actual money.