All About Clint Black's Daughter Lily Pearl Black

Clint Black and Lisa Hartman welcomed their daughter Lily in 2001

Rick Diamond/Getty
Rick Diamond/Getty

Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black have raised a musical daughter.

Clint and Lisa tied the knot in October 1991, less than a year after they first met on New Year's Eve in 1990 at one of the musician's concerts. Just shy of 10 years after their nuptials, the couple welcomed their first child, Lily Pearl Black, on May 8, 2001.

When Lily was younger, Clint and Lisa wanted to maximize their time spent with her, both taking steps back from their respective careers as a musician and actress.

From an early age, Lily exhibited signs of a musician and performer. Her parents told PEOPLE in October 2021 that she often acted at home and played different characters, including a "British concierge" according to her mother. When she was in high school, she joined a rock band and began performing on stage as a teenager.

"She started singing more and more," Clint said, "and hearing her voice, we knew it was only a matter of time when we needed to ask, hey, what do you want to do? Where do you want to go to college? What do you want to study? Who do you want to be?" And finally: "How can we help you?"

Amid her own burgeoning solo music career, she's also been on the road with her parents on the "Mostly Hits & the Mrs. Tour," in 2021-2022 and 2022-2023, which worked well for the trio as Lily refers to her mom and dad as her "best friends."

"We always have fun," she said, "especially because we are so close."

Lily released her debut EP, Songs From the Mostly Hits & the Mrs. Tour, in November 2022 which featured three songs, an original tune co-written by her father and David Foster, and two covers.

Here's everything to know about Clint Black and Lisa Hartman's daughter Lily Pearl Black.

She was born in May 2001

Lily Pearl Black Instagram
Lily Pearl Black Instagram

Clint and Lisa welcomed their daughter, Lily Pearl Black, on May 8, 2001 when they were 39 and 44 respectively. She was born in California, where the couple were living, but the family relocated to Nashville in 2002 after their daughter's birth.

In 2017, Clint shared a sweet photo of Lily as a baby on his Instagram page, providing a glimpse of just how cute his daughter was as a tiny child.

"Seems like only yesterday, I became a dad. Lily and me, circa 2002," he wrote alongside the snap, which showed him and his baby daughter lying in bed together, both with their brown hair sweetly spiked up.

Lily's parents took a break from their careers after her birth

Jamie McCarthy/WireImage
Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

After Clint found out his wife was pregnant with Lily, he made the decision to take a step back from his career and focus on fatherhood.

"I remember seeing an interview with Billy Joel talking about what he missed being gone and the decision he made," Clint told PEOPLE in a 2021 interview, "and he used the phrase, 'I didn't want to be Uncle Daddy,' and that really had an impact on me."

While he took a three-year-long break from the spotlight to care for his daughter, he also made another big life decision: leaving his record label RCA to start his own label, Equity Music Group, according to American Songwriter. During that period, he also was a mentor on the talent show Nashville Star and produced Buddy Jewell's self-titled album.

Lisa, an actress and singer, also took a step back from her career after welcoming Lily. She had appeared in movies including Where the Boys Are as well as TV shows including Tabitha and Knots Landing. Country Living reported that after Lily was born, opted to be more selective about the roles she decided to take on.

She fell in love with music and performing as a child

Lily Pearl Black Instagram
Lily Pearl Black Instagram

The apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree when it comes to Lily's career aspirations. She has embraced her musical and performing roots since she was a child, as seen in a sweet throwback clip from her Instagram that showed her singing in her living room as a young girl.

In an interview with Country Town in January 2023, she reflected on her love of music and performing from a young age, telling the outlet, "Ever since I was little, I was performing. She said she would often be "pretending to be a British concierge, a veterinarian or just about anything I could come up with."

In high school, Lily joined a rock band and by the time she was 16, she had played her first show with her father - instantly falling in love with music and performing on a stage.

She told the outlet that she "couldn't get enough of it," adding, "Growing up around music and getting to see what my dad's been doing all his life and my mum was an influence, but at the same time, it wasn't because they were so great about letting me make my own decisions and figure out what I wanted to do with no pressure. It was about me and my decisions and wherever I ended up, so I think that made it easier for me to find my way so naturally."

She appeared in Flicka: Country Pride with her parents

Lily Pearl Black Instagram
Lily Pearl Black Instagram

Clint, Lisa, and Lily all held roles in 2012's Flicka: Country Pride.

The movie served as a sequel to the 2006 movie Flicka and 2010's Flicka 2. In the movie, Clint played Toby, a stable manager who works on a ranch where Lisa's character, Lindy Jenkins, lives with her teenage daughter, Kelly, who is portrayed by Kacey Rohl. In the movie, Lily plays the character Nina Meyers, the sister of Kelly's estranged friend Stephanie.

She went to college at Belmont University

Lily Pearl Black Instagram
Lily Pearl Black Instagram

Lily was studying business and music at Belmont University in Nashville. However, she then made decision to take a gap year from her music studies at Belmont.

Her break from school gave her parents an idea to turn the family business into a family affair. During an interview with PEOPLE in 2021, Clint recalled how he asked his daughter to join him and his wife on tour, explaining, "Well, if you're not going to be in school, do you want to go on tour with us?"

She lives in Nashville in her father's old apartment

Lily Pearl Black Instagram
Lily Pearl Black Instagram

During her cover story interview for Holler in January 2023, Lily shared one of her favorite songs by her father — "Like the Rain" — and revealed her personal connection to the song.

"In fact, the apartment I live in right now is the exact same one my dad lived in when he wrote 'Like the Rain,' " she tole the outlet. "That was 30 years ago. The building had two units available, and the one I chose — unintentionally — was the one where he was sitting in the window in the living room writing that song. We checked the records with the manager and sure enough it was the exact same unit."

She's a musician and recording artist

Lily Pearl Black Instagram
Lily Pearl Black Instagram

In 2018, Lily made her recording debut with a holiday duet with her father called "Magical Christmas."

Then, in November 2022, she released her first EP called "Songs from the Mostly Hits and the Mrs. Tour," which featured songs including "Never Knew Love," which was written by her father and David Foster, and two live covers from her tour with her parents, "Cry Pretty – Live" by Carrie Underwood and "Every Time It Rains – Live" by Randy Newman.

Lily has set her sights high for a career of her own and is looking forward to learning more about the industry and growing as an artist.

"I want people to hear my music and hear my voice and go, 'that's Lily,' and know when they hear me, that's me cause I am who I am and for them to also love that," she told Country Now in December 2022. "I know that doesn't always happen, there are people on both sides, but for people to hear my music and know that it's me singing it, and it's me putting my love and effort into it, will always be amazing."

She performed at the legendary Grand Ole Opry

Lily Pearl Black Instagram
Lily Pearl Black Instagram

Lily experienced a rite of passage in the country music world when she made her debut at the Grand Ole Opry. On October 31, 2020, she joined her father on stage at the legendary venue in Nashville, Country Now reported at the time. Lily chose to sing "Temporary Home" by Carrie Underwood, one of her favorite songs from the American Idol alum, according to the outlet.

"I've got something very special for this next song," Clint told the crowd, according to Country Now, before his daughter joined in on stage. "We got a second-year music student from Belmont University who is going to make her Opry debut tonight. She's going to get to find out what we already know that you guys are the most fantastic audience in the world right here at the Opry House."

She's toured with her parents

Lily Pearl Black Instagram
Lily Pearl Black Instagram

Clint, Lisa, and their daughter have toured on multiple occasions as a family trio since Lily chose to take gap year from college. She first embarked on the journey back in September 2021, announcing on Instagram that she was "so excited" to join her parents on tour starting that November.

The "Mostly Hits & The Mrs. Tour," then hit the road again for a second leg of dates spanning from November 2022 to February 2023. In a press release on his website, Clint shared his excitement for the tour, writing, "Having my family on the road is the best and the reactions have been everything we hoped they would be!"

Lily opened up about touring with her parents and learning the ropes from them amid an entirely new experience. She told Country Now that she felt "really lucky" that her parents are her "best friends," explaining of entering the music world: "To be coming into this with all of that natural stress and nerves and all of the above, I have them by my side showing me the do's and the don't's and just, not holding my hand through it, but in a kind of emotional sense, they are."

They have also adopted pre-stage rituals as a family before they go on stage, including a touching gesture from her father.

"He always texts me and my mom 'have a great show,' and that's when I run backstage," she said. "In the middle of getting ready, I run to his side of the stage and he and I kind of have a little special moment before he goes out. Then I get to watch my dad go out on stage and it almost always makes me kind of emotional, but it's always our special moment and there's not a single show where I have not done that."

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