Cohen slams testimony from Trump’s sons in fraud trial: ‘How stupid do you have to be?’

Cohen slams testimony from Trump’s sons in fraud trial: ‘How stupid do you have to be?’

Michael Cohen, former Trump ally and attorney, slammed former President Trump’s sons’ recent testimony in the New York civil fraud trial.

Cohen joined MSNBC’s Ali Velshi to talk about the former president, his sons and the ongoing fraud trial that he previously testified in.

Cohen said he believes both Trump children lied under oath and are “emulating their father.”

“I mean, the guy lies the way you breathe, and the kids are doing the same thing,” Cohen said about the former president and his sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. “How stupid do they have to be?”

In back-to-back testimonies Thursday, the Trump children denied any involvement in their father’s financial statements and tried to distance themselves from Trump Organization financial statements that are key to the attorney general’s case against the family business.

New York Attorney General Letitia James brought forth the case that accuses Trump, his sons and the organization of having falsely inflated and deflated the value of its assets to receive lower taxes and better insurance coverage.

Donald Jr. and Eric Trump both denied involvement in their testimonies.

Cohen said he thinks the sons got zero legal preparation ahead of the testimonies, and he questioned if they thought the trial was “some sort of joke.”

Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney who once said he’d take a bullet for his boss, joined the trial as a key witness in the fraud trial.

Since it was announced he would take the stand, Cohen said he has received hundreds of threats from Trump supporters as the relationship between the two has soured in recent years.

Inside the courtroom, tensions exploded between the pair. Cohen was open about his nerves to testify, but later said he felt “absolutely nothing” when facing his former boss in court.

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