Colman Domingo Denounces Euphoria’s Toxic Workplace Reports: ‘Young Actors May Not Be Up for the Task’ of Working in TV

Euphoria guest star Colman Domingo is debunking previous rumors that have circulated regarding the show’s on-set drama and turmoil, saying that young actors “may not be up for the task” of working the long hours required on TV sets.

“I’m not going to invalidate [anyone’s] experience, but working in television is long hours,” Domingo said in a recent interview with The Independent. “Sometimes you work up to 14 hours a day. And then you have to go home and prep. You have to really live and work in a very methodical way. A lot of young actors may not be up for the task or have that same work ethic.”

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He continued: “I’ve been in this business for 32 years. I know what hard work is. So when I heard those ‘reports'” — the actor then used his fingers to mime air quotes — “I thought, ‘Where is this coming from? That’s just a normal work day’. Be a professional.”

Daily Beast story published in February 2022 cited “production sources” who said that Barbie Ferreira (who plays Kat) slipped and injured herself while shooting Episode 4’s hot-tub scene. The story also reported complaints of longer-than-necessary, 15- to 17-hour shooting days.

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The following month, HBO refuted claims that working conditions were toxic or unsafe, stating that the series was in “full compliance with all safety guidelines and guild protocols.”

Domingo also defended show creator Sam Levinson, who was accused of fostering a toxic atmosphere on the sets of Euphoria and his other buzzy (but canceled) series, The Idol.

“There’s no one that’s going to mistreat you on the set of Euphoria,” he said. “Sam Levinson is joyful and collaborative, and could not be a bigger advocate for his actors.”

Ferreira announced her exit from the show in August of 2022, which continued fueling rumors that she had walked off the set during filming.

“I actually did not walk off set,” the actress said in the April 3, 2023 edition of the Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd podcast. She seemed to be referring to the Daily Beast report. “I did sprain my ankle once and had to go get an x-ray. Maybe that’s what they mean?” she said on the podcast.

While Euphoria has been renewed for Season 3, the recently wrapped writers and SAG-AFTRA strikes, along with leading lady Zendaya’s busy film schedule, have pushed its return to 2025.

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