Communities in Green Bay concerned after two weeks without running water

Residents in Nicky's Nose Cove and surrounding communities are concerned about their aging water supply system after going without running water for two weeks.

The water was turned back on Friday, however residents say there are still issues with the system, and because there has yet to be a permanent fix, they are worried they will be without running water again.

"It's stressful for everyone," said Karen Harcourt, a resident in Nicky's Nose Cove.

"You don't know when the water is going to come back on."

Harcourt said for 14 days straight, she went to the pump house up to twice a day with dozens of containers in order to flush the toilet, do the dishes and take a bath.

Tim Graham/CBC
Tim Graham/CBC

"A lot of the population in our area is older folks … we kind of look out for each other and hope that everybody is getting the water that they need," she said.

The water supply services Nicky's Nose Cove, Jackson's Cove, Silverdale and Langdon's Cove.

Harcourt said they have been having problems with the water for the last couple years but the current issue involves air entering the intake system and its causing the pump to overheat.

She said a minor fix has been made but nothing permanent.

"Even with the water being back on … it's still in the back of your mind. How long is it going to keep running? And when is it going to stop running again."

Harcourt has penned a letter to government officials, asking for a solution.


The local MHA, Brian Warr said the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment has been notified and an engineer has been contacted.

"The consultant is currently compiling some historical engineering information, like drawings, to develop an understanding of the system and possible solutions," said Warr.

The engineer will also be completing a Municipal Capital Works application to ask the province to fund the project.

"I am going to suggest that the system is in the area of 40 or 50 years old and it needs some upgrading. I am committed to getting that done for the LSD (local service district)," he said.

"Water being such a valuable part of our everyday living, I want to make sure that we give these communities good clean drinking water."

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