Conan O’Brien Says Trump Jokes Aren’t Funny

Have you heard the one about Donald Trump? Conan O’Brien has, and as he told journalist Kara Swisher on her podcast, Trump jokes just aren’t funny.

It’s not that the red-haired former talk show host has great love for No. 45.

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“So I always thought when Trump came along, what a lot of people have to revert to is: ‘Doesn’t he suck? I hate that guy. He’s an a**hole . . . And those aren’t jokes.”

He added, “I think the January 6 thing is a blip compared to how much he’s hurt comedy.”

O’Brien said jokes about Trump are akin to parodying The National Enquirer.

“If you go and buy a real National Enquirer, it says, ‘Elvis sighted in UFO; he has tentacles for arms. Ghost baby turns into vampire and attacks Michael Jackson’s ghost. There’s no way to parody that. You can’t parody something that already has that crazy irregular shape. It’s not possible.”

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