Concrete falls in lot at Montreal's Olympic Stadium

Concrete fell in a parking garage attached to Montreal's Olympic Stadium on Sunday, fire officials said. No one was injured.

Engineers from the Olympic Park and the Saputo Stadium are studying an underground parking lot at Montreal's Olympic Stadium to find out what caused a concrete collapse Sunday afternoon.

No one was injured in the incident, Montreal fire operations Chief Benoit Brouillard told CBC News.

Firefighters were called to the scene shortly after 3 p.m. ET when two concrete beams and the slab they were supporting fell on the second floor of the parking lot, Brouillard said

The debris struck a water pipe, causing minor flooding and some small cracks visible in the ceiling of the lot's first floor, he said.

He says nobody was hurt in the incident and doesn't think any cars were crushed, either. Brouillard said the debris fell into a passageway, not on parking spots, and no cars were believed damaged.

The surface level of the lot is a construction zone for the new Saputo Stadium, but no one on site would say whether the collapse was connected with the work.

The lot will remain closed while studies are conducted. Stadium officials believe damage is limited to this particular lot, but wouldn't rule out closing the stadium's other underground lots if they other problems surface.

The stadium property is inspected regularly, officials said, but could not disclose exactly how often.