Congressman Scolded for Doing Pull-Ups at Top of Capitol Dome

Getty Images/Samuel Corum
Getty Images/Samuel Corum

Rep. Rich McCormick (R-GA) was reported to the House sergeant at arms on Tuesday for allegedly doing pull-ups on railings suspended hundreds of feet above the ground at the U.S. Capitol, Politico reported, citing an email from the Capitol Visitor’s Center. The email reportedly accused McCormick of the “unsafe actions” during a tour, in which he bypassed a posted sign reading “no person permitted above this platform under any circumstances.” McCormick’s alleged stunt also saw him go over a safety railing at the “Tholos level” of the Capitol dome, more than 200 feet in the air, and do pull-ups in front of Capitol visitors. While straddling the railing, the email alleged that McCormick pretended to slide or fall over—all of which was said to have been recorded by Capitol employees and his own staff. A spokesperson for McCormick told Politico that “There was a miscommunication and we have apologized.” It’s unclear if McCormick will face any punishment.

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