Conservative Legal Icon Delivers Chilling Prediction If Donald Trump Overturns 2024

A conservative former federal judge has warned what may happen if former President Donald Trump successfully overturns the 2024 election, if he runs for the White House for a third time and loses.

In a podcast interview with conservative commentator Charlie Sykes, J. Michael Luttig recalled his previous analysis of how Trump and his allies have waged a war on democracy to undermine institutions and the rule of law and “are poised to attempt to overturn the 2024 election if he were to lose.”

“If he were to do that, then I believe that we would be on the verge of a civil war,” warned Luttig, who in 2021 advised former Vice President Mike Pence on rejecting Trump’s attempts to throw out Joe Biden’s 2020 victory.

Last week, the former judge warned in an address at the University of Georgia Law School how “the institutions of our democracy and law are under vicious, unsustainable, and unendurable attack from within.”

Luttig elaborated on the comment to Sykes.

“Factually, what we have in America today and where we are in America today, namely that our institutions of democracy and law have been under vicious attack for years now, that is from within, not from without the United States,” he said. “And these vicious attacks are unsustainable and unendurable.”

“They’ve already taken their toll on American democracy and American law in their impact and consequence of their impact on the institutions of democracy and law,” he added. “We are at a perilous crossroads.”

Listen to the full podcast interview here: