Cop uses police database to get 19-year-old woman’s phone number, Ohio officials say

A 56-year-old Cincinnati police officer used a law enforcement database to get a 19-year-old woman’s phone number, Ohio officials say.

Timothy Lutz, a Cincinnati police officer, used a database known as the Regional Crime Information Center (RCIC) to find the phone number and contact the woman in December, according to prosecutors and court records.

The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office told McClatchy News in an email that it could not share what the message contained.

The officer was charged with two felony counts of unauthorized use of law enforcement automated data systems, according to court records.

Attorney information for Lutz was not listed.

The Cincinnati Police Department said the criminal charges are a result of an internal investigation.

“I take the conduct of our members very seriously and require all CPD members to adhere to the highest standards of our policies, procedures, and local, state, and federal laws,” Cincinnati Police Chief Teresa Theetge said in a statement.

Lutz was suspended without pay, police said.

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