Corner Brook business quashes false information regarding COVID-19

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Hew and Draw/Facebook
Hew and Draw/Facebook

COVID-19 cases on the west coast of Newfoundland have led to speculation and rumours, and on Wednesday evening one business said it had a report that a person who tested positive had been in its building.

"Earlier today we were informed that a person who tested positive for COVID-19 had been in our building on Monday, Nov. 23," reads a Facebook post written by the Hew & Draw hotel in Corner Brook.

The business said it immediately started an investigation, a plan to advise the public of the case and a plan to close its doors for the safety of staff and customers.

But the company said it later confirmed through public health the information was not accurate. As of 4:30 p.m., the business said it confirmed with public health that it had received false information and it has no reason to believe there was a COVID-19 positive case in the building on Monday.

"Thank you to everyone who saw and shared our brief post informing the public of the concern. We made, and will make every effort to ensure we notify our customers if there is ever a concern," reads the post on the company's Facebook page.

"Today was not an easy day for us and we hope you can recognize our commitment to community safety and the common good. We always want to see you and love having you with us, but rest assured if it is not safe, we won't let it happen."

The company says it remains open for business.

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