Coronation Street to air huge 2024 story for Carla Barlow's nephew Bobby

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has revealed that new character Bobby will be involved in one of the show's biggest storylines next year.

Show bosses recently announced the casting of Britain's Got Talent star Jack Carroll in the role of Bobby, who's the nephew of fan-favourite Carla Barlow.

Bobby arrives in Weatherfield just after Christmas, looking for a place to stay after falling out with his mum.

Carla is surprised as Bobby explains that he's the long-lost son of her brother Rob Donovan. Rob is serving life in prison for the murder of Tina McIntyre and was unaware that he had a son until recently.

jack carroll as bobby in coronation street, a young man stands with a walking aid and smiles, he wears glasses and a blue and white striped top

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Speaking to Digital Spy and other media in a recent press call, Coronation Street's producer Iain MacLeod commented: "This was born from the desire not to let Carla tread water for too long [after Peter's exit].

"It's just at the point where this world-ending decision is made on Boxing Day and Carla is going: 'What does the rest of my life look like, when I've decided that happiness looks like this for me?'

"Suddenly we land this huge human hand grenade in the middle of it as Jack's Carroll's character Bobby turns up. He's connected to Carla because he's Rob Donovan's son that Carla didn't know existed. Here he is, suddenly causing all kinds of trouble for Carla with immediate effect.

"Basically what we wanted from Bobby's character and from Jack was a gobby little troublemaker with a heart of gold.

bobby and carla in coronation street, a behind the scenes of filming as a woman and young man with walking aid stroll down the street

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"I spoke to Jack about the part before he accepted the casting. He was just going down a mental check list of everything I was saying and going: 'Yep, tick, that's me, and that's me as well'. I think there is a really brilliant synergy between the performer and the character.

"He's going to be a massive ball of energy for us and loads of fun. He's just going to tip Carla's life upside down in lots of very interesting ways.

"As a slightly more long-range tease, he's going to end up surprisingly in the centre of perhaps our biggest story next year. I can't say too much about it now, but he's got a brilliant classically Coronation Street role to play at the start, as this loveable sarcastic classic Corrie feckless male.

"Then he abruptly finds himself in the middle of this huge story next year so I'm really excited about the casting, the part and his role in the next 12 months and beyond."

carla and peter barlow in coronation street

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Bethany Platt, who's returning to Weatherfield just after Christmas, has also been tipped to be involved in the same major storyline.

This is separate from Bethany's upcoming love triangle with Daniel Osbourne and Daisy Midgeley.

MacLeod added: "Bethany is coming back with this clear romantic purpose in the Daniel story, but then will fairly quickly find herself in the midst of this massive story that's going to span most of next year. It's really exciting stuff."

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