Coronation Street confirms new Carla crisis as Stephen leaves a final nasty surprise

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has hinted that Carla Barlow will face more turmoil at Underworld after Stephen Reid targets her for a final time.

Carla is one of the characters taking centre stage on the ITV soap over the next fortnight, as Stephen's dramatic exit gets closer.

As we've previously revealed, Carla will uncover the horrible truth about how Stephen spiked her drinks with LSD to seize control at the factory.

Carla confronts Stephen, but is then urged to back down by the police as her intervention could jeopardise their own investigation into Stephen's other crimes.

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With the net closing in, Stephen plots to make a dramatic getaway to Thailand – but he needs as much money as possible to start his new life.

In a final visit to the factory, Stephen tries to appear calm and collected as he tricks Michael Bailey into helping him with a seemingly innocent task.

Stephen asks Michael to give him access to transfer the full balance of Underworld's account into a bogus one that he has set up.

During a business meeting, Carla is shocked as she receives a notification of the transfer.

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As the ramifications of Michael's devastating mistake sink in, could this plunge the factory into another financial crisis? Or could Carla find a way to get the money back?

Corrie's producer Iain MacLeod recently promised that Stephen's exit from the show will spark several new storylines.

He told Digital Spy and other media this week: "It's kind of like when you watch a movie, the movie can end and it's the end of the film, and that's that. Your protagonist walks off into the sunset as the credits roll, but obviously soap doesn't end. It goes on.

"You need to have the sequel to the movie in your heads even before you've started telling the story of the first movie.

"There are wide-ranging consequences to Stephen's exit, both emotionally and practically and criminally going forward… In the grand tradition of sequels, I hope what you're about to see is, kind of, Godfather Part II, which is one of the best sequels ever, and not Ace Ventura 2."

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