Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan explains Daisy's revenge on Bethany

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan has opened up about Daisy Midgeley's upcoming revenge on Bethany Platt.

New scenes airing next week will see Daisy try and get back at Bethany after she writes an article on Daisy's affair with Ryan Connor, leading to huge consequences.

The scenes begin as Daisy's ex-fiancé Daniel Osbourne asks if she can babysit his son Bertie for a few hours; Charlotte was asked whether her character sees this as a positive sign that she and Daniel can repair their relationship.

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"I think she’s always hopeful that eventually he will forgive her and they can pick up where they left off," she said. "She’s giving him some space and time to feel out this relationship with Bethany, but I don’t think she’s taking it that seriously."

Later on, as residents gather at the pub to celebrate Rita Tanner's birthday, the article in Chit Chat magazine starts to circulate with the headline: "I Had a Torrid Affair with my Acid Attack Hero".

Asked whether this will spur her to move on from Daniel, Charlotte admitted this won't be the case, suggesting she doesn't know "if she’s ever really going to properly move on".

"I think she can distract herself and throw herself into other things and other relationships, hoping that eventually the whole broken heart will mend," the star added.

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"I think she will always be wondering 'what if I didn’t cheat?' and 'what if we did get married?' and just always thinking about the life they could have had together and what could have been."

She explained that "once was enough" of having to relive her recent trauma, with the article only compounding things.

"Even though she’s been forced to relive it, she didn’t really deal with her trauma the first time around so I can’t imagine she will deal with it now. I think she will continue to deflect and just try to move on as quickly as she can.

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"After this article is written it validates all of Daisy’s assumptions about Bethany in the first place and all of her opinions have been proven right," she continued.

"She thinks that she is a little snake who is only out for herself and doesn’t really care who she hurts in the process – which actually sounds like Daisy describing herself so maybe they have a lot more in common than they think…."

In revenge, Daisy calls up Bethany's boss at the magazine to complain, leading to Bethany getting fired. However, Charlotte revealed that this wasn’t a conscious intention in retaliation for Daniel getting Ryan fired from the gym.

"I think if the seed was planted from Daniel then that was a subconscious choice that she’s made but I don’t think she actually intended for her to be sacked," she said. "I think Daisy just wanted to be as spiteful as she could be to Bethany and try to get a bit of revenge."

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