Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan shares Daisy's terror over Rovers Return secret

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan has revealed that her character Daisy Midgeley is "terrified" at the prospect of her secret being revealed.

Daisy and stepmother Jenny Connor recently used money stolen by villain Stephen Reid to buy back the Rovers Return – though Daisy's co-ownership has been kept a secret from everyone else.

Charlotte has revealed that Daisy is currently "loving" being co-owner, admitting: "I think she’s actually enjoying the distraction that it’s bringing because she’s not having to think about everything that’s happened over the last 12 months.

daisy midgeley, jenny connor, coronation street

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"In a way she’s brushed her own issues under the rug and is powering through with her main focus being trying to make the Rovers a thriving business."

However, her secret is threatened in new scenes next week as Carla eavesdrops on a conversation between Daisy and Jenny that mentions her co-ownership, with the pair discovering that they have been overheard.

Charlotte explained that her character is "absolutely" scared that Carla could be getting closer to the truth.

daisy midgeley, jenny connor, carla barlow, coronation street

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"She’s terrified of Carla finding out that she’s committed fraud in order to get the Rovers," she added. "It’s very high stakes so she is scared of Carla finding out the truth and obviously Daisy does not want to go to prison!"

Asked whether Daisy feels any guilt over the money she stole, the actress said: "I think she’s not thinking about her actions that deeply.

"Daisy is viewing the money as Stephen’s money instead of Carla’s money, otherwise it’s a bit too personal and a bit too close to home.

"So, if she looks at it as Stephen’s money that she’s stolen, then she thinks he was a bad guy who didn’t deserve it anyway and at least Daisy can put it to good use which is ultimately going to help herself as well as the community."

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