Coronation Street star Ryan Prescott confirms Ryan and Daisy reunion story

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Ryan Prescott has teased a reunion between Ryan Connor and Daisy Midgeley.

Details of Ryan's Weatherfield return storyline first emerged this week after taking off with his girlfriend Crystal Hyde at Christmastime.

In an interview with TV Times, actor Prescott was asked what inspires his character's journey home.

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"He went to Glasgow with Crystal and expected to spend at least a year there as resident DJ for one of the clubs she promotes," he replied.

"We discover it all fell apart because he still feels that connection with Daisy. It got to the point where he saw no future with Crystal and felt the pull of what was waiting for him back home."

He must want to give it a proper try with Daisy, then?

Prescott explained: "On the train down from Glasgow, he's decided to be honest with himself and the people he loves. Ryan spent so much time lying last year that he began to hate his life. He goes to see Daisy and tells her he's turning the page and doesn't want to lie anymore.

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"He quickly finds out that Daniel [Osbourne] is with Bethany Platt and feels encouraged to go for it with Daisy," the soap star elaborated, but apparently, Daisy isn't too reciprocal at first.

"Later they speak again and he makes it clear he wants a relationship with her. She responds, and from that moment, they are an item!

"I had an inkling this would be where the story was going to end up, although the writers weren't sure who would end up with who in terms of the dynamics between Ryan, Daisy, Daniel and Bethany. I love scenes with Charlie Jordan, she's a pro and great to work with."

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