Coronation Street's Daisy receives major warnings over reunion with Ryan

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Daisy Midgeley has been warned against reconciling with Ryan Connor following his return in Coronation Street.

It was a tumultuous hour for Daisy on Friday (March 1), as she faced backlash for complaining about Bethany's recent article to her editor.

When Daniel learned that Bethany had been fired due to the complaint, he confronted Daisy — only to learn that his tutoring of Lauren Bolton was also related to his love triangle with Daisy and Ryan.

Daisy explained that Lauren had been blackmailing Ryan to keep quiet and only asked for Daniel's tutoring sessions to keep up the pressure.

As Daisy languished in the aftermath of a dramatic day, she was stunned to find out that Ryan was back in Weatherfield and waiting to speak with her.

Ryan revealed that he'd split up with Ibiza DJ Crystal, so he'd returned to Weatherfield to check on Daisy after reading Bethany's article.

charlotte jordan as daisy in coronation street

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He was full of compliments for Daisy, explaining that he'd always think of her fondly in spite of what they'd gone through.

Later, Jenny was worried that Daisy was moving on too quickly now that Ryan was back in Weatherfield, encouraging her not to jump in "head-first".

When the pair met up again, Ryan explained that his relationship with Crystal fell apart because he was still hung up on Daisy.

"You can't be with someone if you're thinking about someone else 24/7," Ryan told a shocked Daisy.

After they shared a passionate kiss, Ryan and Daisy stunned Jenny by arriving at the Rovers Return hand-in-hand.

ryan prescott as ryan connor in coronation street

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Jenny took her stepdaughter aside to warn her against rushing into things with Ryan, reminding her that there would be a disaster if he found out how they got the money to buy the pub.

Viewers will remember that Jenny and Daisy bought the Rovers only after they'd accessed money from serial killer Stephen Reid's bank account.

Daisy was defiant over her future with Ryan, telling Jenny: "Ryan saved me once before, and to be honest, I think he's doing it again."

Will Daisy regret her hasty reconciliation with Ryan?

charlotte jordan as daisy and sally ann matthews as jenny in coronation street

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