Coronation Street's George upsets Glenda as new story begins

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's George Shuttleworth upsets his sister Glenda in Monday's episode (April 22) as he casts doubt on how reliable she is.

George makes it very clear who he trusts the most in his life as he starts making plans to update his will.

The funeral parlour boss is making changes now that he has his long-term partner Eileen Grimshaw in his life.

He also wants to provide for Eileen's son Todd, who's his business partner at the undertakers.

glenda shuttleworth, george shuutleworth, coronation street

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George announces that he wants Eileen to accept power of attorney for the will.

When Glenda suggests that she could take on this responsibility instead, George scoffs. Feeling snubbed, Glenda storms out.

Tony Maudsley, who plays George, recently explained: "Why wouldn't you choose Eileen? I mean, the choice between Glenda and Eileen when it comes to legal business, you're not going to choose Glenda!

"I don't think George thinks anything of it. He just always sees Glenda as his little kid sister. But on this occasion she's really offended. She's really offended that he's not thought of her first, but I can completely see why he goes for sensible Eileen over fly by night Glenda!"

glenda shuttleworth, george shuutleworth, coronation street

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He added: "It's quite a responsibility to take that role on. And I don't think Glenda even realises what it is, but she just decides to be offended and swans off. Unfortunately, this opens up a can of worms!"

Coronation Street bosses have confirmed that the saga of George's will sparks further drama this week.

Todd goes snooping around the funeral parlour to find the legal document, as he wants to know whether he can expect an inheritance.

The schemer then finds a copy of a will that George's late father Archie once wrote out, which states that Glenda should have half of the funeral business.

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