Corrie's Tyrone Dobbs surprised by hit-and-run investigation

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Tyrone Dobbs will receive some worrying news next week, when he hears that his car is suspected of being involved in a hit-and-run.

The week begins badly for Tyrone when he and his colleagues at the garage, Kevin and Abi Webster, arrange a meeting with cab firm boss Ange (played by former Hollyoaks star Nicole Barber-Lane).

The trio are keen to secure a deal with Ange, who wants to use Websters' Autos for her fleet of cars. They ask Tyrone's mum Cassie Plummer, who has been working at the garage, to keep quiet during the meeting with Ange and let them do the talking.

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But Cassie feels angry and storms off, furious at the idea of having to stay silent.

As the meeting gets underway, there's an interruption when a police officer arrives and tells Tyrone that they have reason to believe that his car was involved in a hit-and-run incident. The officers want to examine his vehicle as part of their enquiries.

Later on, in the café, Tyrone finds Cassie with her mum, Evelyn. He asks Cassie where she was on September 11, as the police believe his car was stolen and used in a hit-and-run on that date.

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Cassie denies having anything to do with a hit-and-run incident or stealing the vehicle, but it's apparent that Evelyn isn't convinced by what she says. Is Cassie innocent in the hit-and-run mystery?

It's been a rocky road for Tyrone and Cassie's relationship so far, after Cassie first revealed to Tyrone over the summer that she is his birth mother, against Evelyn's wishes.

Tyrone has since been caught up in his mum's drug addiction and was devastated when she suffered a relapse earlier this month, leading to her being discovered unconscious in the street by Hope Stape.

Speaking about his character Tyrone's reaction to Cassie's overdose, Alan Halsall said that his character felt "let down and betrayed by his Mum", adding: "It's a real whirlwind of emotions and Tyrone is so shocked by it all because even in the back of his mind, he probably thought something like this could happen."

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