Couple dies when speeding boat crashes ashore and splits in two, Illinois officials say

A married couple died when their boat sped onto shore, splitting in half as it crashed, Illinois officials say.

The crash happened Saturday, Sept. 30, on the shore of Fox River in McHenry, according to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Witnesses reportedly saw the boat speeding across the river, “weaving and cutting back and forth” before it left the water. The boat traveled 73 feet on land and came to a rest split in half, officials said.

“Walked out, saw a big boat in my neighbor’s yard, flipped over, cracked in half,” Connor Lively told WGN.

The two people aboard the boat — a 61-year-old woman and a 62-year-old man — were both trapped in the wreckage, according to the Lake & McHenry County Scanner.

The man was removed, but Lively told the publication the woman was “entirely under the boat.” She was pronounced dead at the scene, officials say.

The Department of Natural Resources said the man died in a hospital a few hours later.

Officials have not publicly identify the couple, who are from McHenry.

Footage shows the boat resting up against a home near the shore. WGN reported the home had minor damage.

McHenry is about 60 miles northwest of Chicago.

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