COVID variant EG.5: What we know about 'Eris' so far

A rapidly spreading COVID variant called EG.5 — which has been nicknamed 'Eris' —is circulating in Canada and multiple other countries. It has been designated a variant of interest by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Video Transcript

- A new COVID variant has reared its head in North America, and experts are concerned. The EG.5 variant, which is also called Eris, was first identified in China and now accounts for 36% of all COVID cases in Canada. Experts say it's more transmissible than other recent variants, but it currently doesn't appear to be any more dangerous.

Eris is a variant of the Omicron family of COVID, so symptoms are expected to be similar to that, which includes fever, cough, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and the loss of taste or smell. The World Health Organization has classified Eris as a variant have ingressed and are keeping a close eye on its spread.

It currently makes up 17% of all COVID cases in the US, making it the most dominant strain there. Eris is spiking in multiple countries, and there's a notable rise in the number of COVID cases globally. Parts of Canada are seeing a slight increase in COVID-19 cases as well.

While it's not more dangerous than other strains, experts say it's not weaker either. They're asking people to exercise caution and get their vaccine boosters. Are you concerned about Eris? Let us know in the comments and follow us for more stories.