Cozy fires, a Labrador tent: How do you #HoveOff?

Cozy fires, a Labrador tent: How do you #HoveOff?

This time of year, many of you are #HoveOff.

The weather is challenging. It's dark out. The Easter long weekend is a long way away. You are tired and cranky.  There are so many things that you need to do, and you want no part of it.

We want to know — how do YOU hove off?

Luke Janes of Firewood Factory NL in St. John's likes to #HoveOff next to a cozy fire.

"The best way to start is with a bit of newspaper – don't be stingy on it," Janes said. 

As a professional, Janes knows the best way to get a good fire going. 

"If you do happen to have a bit of birch bark around, really good stuff to help you light the fire," he said. 

"And now that we got a nice fire going, we're ready to hove off,"

Check out the video below to learn all the steps for how to do it right.

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You could win a CBC prize that will help you #HoveOff in style.

Over the next few weeks, CBC Radio One's Weekend AMand CBC NL digital will bring you stories to enhance your #HoveOff experience.

To give you some inspiration that you can use from a reclined position, here is a poem from celebrated storyteller, pilot, and proud Labradorian Dave Paddon. He wrote it on April 14, 1995, cozily #HoveOff in a traditional Labrador tent:

And now I lay me down to sleep,

In tent so warm, on boughs so deep.

The stove resounds with crack'ly wood,

Did ever Mozart sound as good?

Next day's plans go through my head,

A hunt, then wood, then make some bread.

Out for a week, perhaps ten days,

To clear my mind, dispel the haze.

A spring retreat, an April trip,

To loose the city's stifling grip.

The Big Land's silent, warm embrace,

To soothe my soul, and tan my face.

Whatever ills wash o'er my head,

When all is done and all is said.

I know I'll find my wond'rous cure,

In tent, in spring, in Labrador.