Ottawa to launch $6B infrastructure fund to help build homes — with strings attached

HALIFAX — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says upcoming federal budget will include a $6-billion infrastructure fund to support homebuilding, as well as a $400-million top-up to the housing accelerator fund.

Trudeau is in Halifax alongside Housing Minister Sean Fraser as part of the government's pre-budget tour, which aims to drum up attention and win back support on cost-of-living issues.

The federal government says $1 billion will be available to cities for urgent infrastructure needs, while $5 billion will be allocated for agreements with provinces and territories to support long-term priorities.

But the Liberal government is attaching strings to the funding available for provinces and territories, noting the money will only flow if they commit to a series of actions.

They include adopting the recently announced renters' bill of rights, which would create a national standard lease agreement and require landlords to disclose previous rent prices.

Liberals also say future public-transit funding will require municipalities to meet certain criteria, including eliminating all mandatory minimum parking requirements and allowing high-density housing within 800 metres of a high-frequency transit line.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 2, 2024.

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