Cracking open the $3,500 Vision Pro shows just how much tech Apple crammed into it

  • Want to know what's inside the Apple Vision Pro but don't want to break yours open? Understandable.

  • iFixit published a video that'll give you just that.

  • Check out their inside look at the headset's hardware.

The Apple Vision Pro launched in the US on Friday, and we've already seen plenty of photos, videos, and reviews of its exterior features.

There's the two headband options you can choose from. The EyeSight feature has a strange visual representation of your eyes through a blue glow. And early reviews say the weight of the headset can become uncomfortable after a while.

But what about the hardware inside that makes the "spatial computing" magic happen?

Understandably, most people aren't racing to break open their new headsets, especially after shelling out $3,500 for them.

Fortunately, a new video from the tech repair experts at iFixit offers an inside look at the cogs and gears inside the headset.

It gives us a closer look at the Vision Pro's display layers, lenticular lenses that make the headset's stunning visuals possible, some cameras and fans, and a whole lot of screws, brackets, and connectors.

Judging by how complex the engineering is, it makes more sense why it costs a small fortune to repair.

Check out iFixit's teardown of the Vision Pro here:

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