‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Can't Handle Matthew Gray Gubler's Surprise Career News on Instagram

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Matthew Gray Gubler Revealed His Latest ProjectAlberto E. Rodriguez - Getty Images

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Fans of Matthew Gray Gubler, we just figured out what the actor was up to while Criminal Minds: Evolution aired without him.

As new episodes dropped from first season of the Paramount+ reboot, fans continuously asked what the former CBS actor was doing instead of returning as Dr. Spencer Reid. Well, he shocked fans on March 9 (a.k.a. his 43rd birthday) by posting a countdown to his latest project on his Instagram Stories. What exactly was it for? Matthew proceeded to share that he is expanding his literary empire with his upcoming children's novel, The Little Kid With the Big Green Hand.

"I made a new book!" he captioned a series of photos posted to Instagram on March 12, a few days after the surprise. "It comes out September 26. Thank you for all the birthday weekend wishes! The greatest gift of all is getting to make stories for you."

Due to the fact this is Matthew's first real career venture following the premiere of the newest show in the Criminal Minds universe, fans immediately lost it upon hearing his major news. To no one's shock, folks couldn't contain their excitement in the Instagram comments.

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'The Little Kid with the Big Green Hand'

"We absolutely can’t wait for this 💚 NEW BOOK ERA 💚 We are so unbelievably proud of you! We know it will be amazing, and we can’t wait to support you. We all love you so much! ❤️," one person wrote. "Can’t wait! Hoping for another book tour, wherever it is I will [find] a way. So proud of you! This new book era is going to be amazing. 💚," another follower agreed. "So happy, proud and excited. Can't wait to see what's inside 💚💚💚," a different user added.

While it's still a few months away, this announcement has given viewers insight about what has kept Matthew from returning to the Criminal Minds franchise. What's more, this isn't the first time he has promoted the release of a new book.

He published his first novel, Rumple Buttercup: A Story of Bananas, Belonging and Being Yourself, in April 2019, and it quickly became a New York Times bestseller. The literary work became so popular, he created plush versions of the titular character that sold out almost immediately.

We can't wait to get our hands on a copy and see what his story will tell!

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