Cruel April, clad in scars of winter: Melt reveals snowplow damage

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Cruel April, clad in scars of winter: Melt reveals snowplow damage

Melting snow is revealing just how much damage was done by snowplows over the winter.

In Charlottetown, the city has a growing list of property owners who want their lawns repaired.

"Every day there's a few more members of the public that are calling and reporting some winter maintenance damage," said Scott Adams, project coordinator with Charlottetown Public Works. "So we're taking that, adding it to our list."

The damage is deep in the soft soil. It shows where plows hit dirt when dealing with snow last winter.

Splintered lumber, broken curbs

On one street, splintered lumber is sticking out of the ground, where a plow sheared-off a thin wooden post.

On other streets, concrete curbs lie broken and tossed out of place.

"We have staff out now also going around identifying areas that need to be repaired later in a few weeks," said Adams.

A few crews are already raking soil back into place, and removing hazards as they find them.

Residents asked to report damage

As weather improves, crews will begin other repairs, including spreading new topsoil and planting grass seed.

One crew told CBC News damage is less severe this spring, compared to other years.

The city asked residents to contact them if they feel they have some roadside damage that needs attention. Several dozen residents have already done so.

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