Carnival UK assures union it has no plans to dismiss crew and rehire them

 (PA Archive)
(PA Archive)

A leading cruise ship operator has given an assurance it has no plans to dismiss crew and re-engage them after an announcement of “meaningful consultations” with union leaders.

Carnival UK had strongly denied claims it was planning to threaten hundreds of its crew with being fired and rehired if they did not accept reduced terms and conditions.

A joint statement by the company and the Nautilus trade union said: “Nautilus International and Carnival UK are able to confirm, following joint discussions held this afternoon, that both parties are committed to engaging in meaningful consultation in finding a way forward following the start of consultation on proposed contractual changes for 919 maritime professionals.

“Carnival UK has reassured Nautilus International of there being no intent to undertake steps towards dismissal and re-engagement and have rescinded the HR1 form submitted to the insolvency service, whilst providing an update to the relevant Bermudan authorities.

“Both Nautilus International and Carnival UK are working co-operatively towards a negotiated settlement in the interest of all parties.

P&O Cruises is separate to P&O Ferries, which was embroiled in a row over the sacking of hundreds of workers.