'The Amazing Race Canada': Beverley and Veronica weren't wearing 'good luck charms' during final leg of the race

Beverley Cheng and Veronica Skye on CTV's "The Amazing Race Canada" (Mark O'Neill)

Last week's episode of The Amazing Race Canada (Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV, CTV.ca, and the CTV app), was a complete shock when one of the fiercest teams, Beverley Cheng and Veronica Skye, were eliminated.

“I wouldn't trade it for anything, I think we had a really good experience, we had a really great time together,” Skye told Yahoo Canada. “We pushed ourselves way out of our comfort zones and beyond limits that we ever thought possible.”

“Looking back on watching it, were we portrayed as the kumbaya, angels of the group? No, but we stayed really true to who we were and I think our integrity was really what was the driving force in this race for us.”

“The thing about me and Veronica is that we're both very independent and we're both very strong headed, and so we used that very much so coming into this race,” Cheng added. “We just focused on each other, we focused on the task at hand, and we weren't so interested in creating alliances or becoming great friends with the other teams.”

“I think that we were just so in our own race and having such a good time with each other that we didn't realize that we were coming off maybe a little bit too competitive. But ultimately, I think that's what kept us at the forefront of a lot of the legs and kept us moving up the ladder.”

Why they were missing their 'good luck charms'

So what happened when they got to the final leg of their personal journey on The Amazing Race Canada and that dreaded obstacle course? Beverley Cheng and Veronica Skye can pinpoint a few things that changed on their end.

“Coming up to the obstacle course, we were so positive and we were so confident that this was going to be our challenge, and we were just excited to do this physical challenge, knowing that this was totally in our element,” Skye explained. “Looking back, one thing I realized was, this was the only challenge in the entire race that we had to remove all of our jewelry and our necklaces, which were our good luck charms.”

“I think about that a little bit. I'm not extremely superstitious but when something like this happens, it's hard not to be, but I think coming down to the final moments, we kind of knew leaving that challenge that we were in a sticky situation. I think in true Beverley and Veronica form, we tried our best but then in the end, we just ended up laughing hysterically.”

For Cheng, there isn’t really anything in terms of the team’s decisions and strategy that she would change, but there are a few moments that she thinks about, now that their elimination episode has aired.

“In that very last leg, Veronica and I decided to switch who was driving and we did it for a few different reasons, but one thing that maybe we should have thought more [about] is that I was very used to being the one who's in charge of navigation, while Veronica was the one who's in charge of navigating the roads and listening to me,” Cheng said. “That is something that I think about, as well as the necklaces.”

While many eliminated teams identified that Cheng and Skye were particularly strong in the race, and often among their biggest competition, the recently eliminated team had their eye on a couple teams as well.

“Brendan and Connor were very handy, they spent their entire lives in the outdoors, fiddling with different engines and parts and things like that, so they had a lot of advantages in a lot of the different challenges, we definitely had our eye on them for quite a while,” Cheng said.

“Learning more about Jesse and Marika, as the race went on, we realized that they were silent racers, and they had a lot of well-rounded skills that helped them not only focus really hard, but also gave them the ability to get through really random challenges quite quickly,” Skye added.