Drake shows up at Maple Leafs playoff game, curse lives on

It's good to be Drake. Just like... not right here, please. (Photo by Kishan Mistry/Yahoo Sports Canada)

The Madden Curse, the Sports Illustrated Curse, the Drake Curse: they’re all different levels of ridiculous and almost definitely completely made up and non-sensical.

That being said... Italian soccer team AS Roma literally (half-jokingly) banned their players from taking pictures with Drake earlier this week in fear of falling victim to the curse that has been plaguing sports teams around the world.

In spite of all that, there he was, Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham, sitting in a box at Scotiabank Arena at Game 4 of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ first-round series against the Boston Bruins. In a jersey no less!

This is the part where we say that Drake is a millionaire many times over and has free dominion as an adult to go wherever he pleases in his life.


Drake was treated to the same welcome that all the teams Drake cheers for get when he shows up in a photo: The Maple Leafs immediately fell behind 2-0 within seven minutes of the game starting.

Unsurprisingly, Toronto would go on to lose the game 6-4.

Classic Drake Curse.

At this point, what can Maple Leafs fans do other than pool their money together and buy him a Bruins jersey in hopes of reversing the luck?

It’s playoff time. Every little bit helps.

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