Who Is Da Brat's Wife? All About Jesseca 'Judy' Harris-Dupart

Da Brat and Jesseca "Judy" Harris-Dupart got married in 2022 and welcomed their first child in July 2023

Paras Griffin/Getty
Paras Griffin/Getty

Da Brat and Jesseca "Judy" Harris-Dupart's love story is one for the ages.

The rapper and the businesswoman met in 2017 at an event for the latter's haircare company. After reconnecting a few years later, Da Brat publicly came out and confirmed their relationship in March 2020.

The couple went on to star in their own reality show, Brat Loves Judy, and get married in February 2022.

"Everything about her made me want her to be mine forever," Da Brat told PEOPLE just after she and Harris-Dupart tied the knot. "And I felt like I knew it not much longer than from the day we met."

The following February, the couple announced that Da Brat was pregnant with their first child at age 48. Harris-Dupart has three children of her own from previous relationships.

"I never thought I was going to have kids," the "Funkdafied" artist told PEOPLE. "I just thought it wasn't in the cards for me. I've had a great career, a full life. I felt like, because I didn't get pregnant earlier on, then it just wasn't going to happen for me.

On July 6, 2023, the pair welcomed a baby boy named True Legend Harris-Dupart.

"I can't BELIEVE he came out of me!" Da Brat told PEOPLE soon after the birth. "Feels like a dream. He's PERFECT in every way," adding that the journey to motherhood "has been more amazing than we could've ever imagined."

So, who is Da Brat's wife? Here's everything to know about Jesseca "Judy" Harris-Dupart.

She's from New Orleans

Paras Griffin/Getty
Paras Griffin/Getty

Harris-Dupart grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the city continues to play an important role in her life.

"I grew up and started my career in New Orleans," Harris-Dupart said in an interview for PhilanthropyWomen.org. "Throughout my career I have donated to several businesses based in New Orleans, so I jumped at the opportunity to empower young girls as they are struggling during this virtual school year. I have always loved giving back to the community."

Harris-Dupart's non-profit organization, KaleidoscoKares, pledged $50,000 during the COVID-19 pandemic to connect young girls of color in New Orleans with resources they need to continue distance learning.

She's a CEO, entrepreneur and hair expert

Jessica Harris-Dupart Instagram
Jessica Harris-Dupart Instagram

Harris-Dupart is the founder and CEO of the beauty and haircare brand Kaleidoscope. According to the brand's website, Harris-Dupart has been doing hair since she was a kid, starting from styling her father's hair to styling her friends' hair, eventually becoming the go-to stylist for the trendiest styles. After high school, she obtained her cosmetologist license, eventually working up to co-owning a salon in New Orleans.

In 2013, Harris-Dupart started her own hair salon, Kaleidoscope Hair Studio, eventually going on to launch her own line of hair products that were being sold through word of mouth. In 2017, Harris-Dupart retired as a stylist to focus on building her brand, which is now a multimillion-dollar company, according to Forbes. Currently, Kaleidoscope has retail distribution in Target, Walmart and Sally Beauty.

She's a published author

Prince Williams/Wireimage
Prince Williams/Wireimage

In addition to growing her business from the ground up, Harris-Dupart is also a best-selling author. In 2019, the entrepreneur published the book When The Miracle Drops: How Instagram Helped Turn a Quick Fix Into A Million-Dollar Product, which outlines how the founder created a social media empire that allowed her business to boom.

Harris-Dupart currently has over two million followers on Instagram, and she openly shares her life on the platform. In fact, her large social media following actually contributed to Da Brat's decision to come out publicly.

"My partner is a social media mogul, and when you get with somebody, you have to meet in the middle," she told Variety in June 2020. "I was like, 'Oh s---, I just came out after 20-something years!'"

She and Da Brat had a fairytale wedding in February 2022

Michael Seabrook/WEtv Da Brat and Judy Dupart
Michael Seabrook/WEtv Da Brat and Judy Dupart

Harris-Dupart and Da Brat got married in a romantic ceremony at the Horse Mansion in Fairburn, Georgia, on Feb. 22, 2022, with 100 guests presents.

The date of the wedding was particualrly significant for the couple.

"We've been calling each other twin flames for a while. So this date, 2/22/22, is a significant event. We just didn't want to miss it because it comes once in a lifetime," Harris-Dupart shared with PEOPLE. "It's relevant. It's just real significant to our relationship. It signifies angel numbers, and it also is reminiscent of twin flames."

The couple arrived at the ceremony in horse-drawn carriages and groomsman Jermaine Dupri walked Da Brat down the aisle while Harris-Dupart had her brother, Damon Dupart Sr., do the honors.

At the end of the evening, Da Brat and Harris-Dupart were accompanied by the Treme Sidewalk Steppers Second Line Band to dance out of the reception. The couple drove off in a blue Bentley, with Harris-Dupart behind the wheel, as guests cheered.

"One thing we did not want to do was make this big thing for everybody else — and we do [that] a lot. We show up to everybody. We do a lot for everybody. We wanted this to be our moment. We want to enjoy it," Harris-Dupart said of the ceremony. "We want to show up, express how much we love each other in front of people that we love, but then actually have fun, and just love each other."

For the newlyweds, their big day just cemented what they already had with each other. "The paper is just going to solidify it," Da Brat said. "But she wasn't ever going nowhere, anyway. And I wasn't letting her go. So, we get to do it and show the world that we're a union. It's a milestone because, in the '90s, things like this couldn't happen."

She shares a son with Da Brat

Photography by Derek Blanks with crowdMGMT
Photography by Derek Blanks with crowdMGMT

Harris-Dupart and Da Brat announced in February 2023 that they were expecting their first child together. The baby was conceived through IVF, and the couple used an anonymous sperm donor from a cryobank.

While Da Brat told PEOPLE that she never expected to have kids, she said her relationship with Harris-Dupart changed her mind. "I started looking at life so differently," she said. "I was like, I want a little me with you. Something special from the both of us that we can share and raise and love unconditionally."

In March 2023, the pair hosted a sex reveal party where guests attended a celebration that included a countdown to the reveal. When the countdown was completed, the screen lit up to say: "It's a boy!" as blue confetti erupted from around the event. The exciting moment was shared by the couple on Instagram.

In May 2023, family and friends of Da Brat and Harris-Dupart came together to celebrate the couple's pregnancy during a Minions-themed baby shower.

"Maaaan THEEEE BEST BABY SHOWER I’ve ever been too. (the only one l’ve ever been too) Everyone who came was full of love and good energy," the rapper captioned a video montage on Instagram. "The VIBES in this building was EXACTLY what we wanted our BABY to FEEL. Last night was NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING."

On July 6, 2023, the proud parents welcomed True Legend in Atlanta at 8:30 p.m. ET. The little one weighed 7 lbs., 8 oz. and measured 20 inches long.

Soon after giving birth, Da Brat told PEOPLE that welcoming her son "feels like a dream" and she is "very appreciative for such a blessing of our bundle of joy."

A month later, Da Brat told PEOPLE that she's "so grateful" she was able to carry her son.

“I’m 49, I’m high-risk, I have high blood pressure. So many women so much younger than me want kids and can’t have them, and I had a successful pregnancy,” she said. “It’s just an honor. He’s such a blessing.”

When discussing what welcoming a new baby has done for her relationship with Harris-Dupart, Da Brat said that True has “made us closer.” She said that the proud parents take turns getting up with him at night and notes that they “always change his diaper together.”

She has three children

Jessica Harris-Dupart Instagram
Jessica Harris-Dupart Instagram

The entrepreneur has been a mother for many years now. Harris-Dupart had her first child, daughter Deja, when she was 15 years old. Her second child, son Jordan, was born when she was 17, and two years later, her youngest son Byron Jr. was born.

According to Harris-Dupart, having kids at a young age ultimately shaped her life.

"I had my kids at 15, 17 and 19, and I miscarried twins between 17 and 19. I was going to a top-rated school at the time of my first pregnancy, and they had never had a pregnant student there. It was difficult because of the workload it required," she shared in an interview with Beauty Independent.

She continued, "I transferred from that school to the cosmetology school. When I got pregnant with the twins before I miscarried, my mom put me out because she felt like she couldn't keep supporting me. Ultimately, getting put out made me the strong independent person that I am today, so I'm thankful she did that."

She and Da Brat have a television series

Paras Griffin/WireImage
Paras Griffin/WireImage

Brat Loves Judy premiered on WE tv in 2021, chronicling the life and relationship of Harris-Dupart and Da Brat. The reality show is currently on its third season, which is focused on family matters as the couple await the arrival of their baby. "As Brat and Judy embark on a tumultuous IVF journey, fraught with health issues, unexpected challenges arise within their blended family," the season 3 description reads.

The third season has also been showcasing the ways in which pressure is increasing in their household as one of Harris-Dupart's sons moves in "unwittingly causing drama in their relationship and shining a light on the couple's distinctly different parenting styles and upbringings."

She has encouraged Da Brat to be more open

Theo Wargo/Getty
Theo Wargo/Getty

Da Brat had long kept her personal life private, only opening up about her sexuality in early 2020. Reflecting on her coming out experience, the rapper credited Harris-Dupart for giving her the courage to publicly come out and be her authentic self.

"[I came out] because of her inspiring me," Da Brat once said of Harris-Dupart, "and wanting to scream it from the mountaintops that I found somebody that I am totally in love with and I don't want to hide it anymore."

She and Da Brat have collaborated

Courtesy Kaleidoscope Hair Products
Courtesy Kaleidoscope Hair Products

The couple teamed up to launch Da Brat x Kaleidoscope collection, a limited edition collection of haircare products inspited by some of the iconic hair styles Da Brat has sported over the years.

"I felt like she always supports me on everything I do, so I wanted to do something with her," Harris-Dupart told PEOPLE of the line, which features products like moisturizing rinses, gels, sprays and mousses. "I call her the queen of protective styles, she's been wearing them since forever."

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