Dad Sobs at 3-Year-Old Son's First Day of Preschool, Making His Wife Laugh: 'He Was That Emotional' (Exclusive)

The couple was caught off-guard by their own reactions at the milestone moment

<p>Mary Mo Harper/TikTok, Courtesy of Mary and Samajee Harper</p> Samajee Harper crying (L), Samajee Harper walking son Isaiah into his first day of preschool (R)

Mary Mo Harper/TikTok, Courtesy of Mary and Samajee Harper

Samajee Harper crying (L), Samajee Harper walking son Isaiah into his first day of preschool (R)

A Las Vegas family is going viral for feeling their feelings on their little boy's first day of preschool.

Mary Harper caught the attention of the internet after sharing her and husband Samajee Harper's reactions over dropping their son, Isaiah, 3, off at preschool for the first time.

"Leading up to the first day, I knew that I was going to be emotional, so I made sure that Isaiah started on a day that worked for both my husband and me to attend drop-off," Mary tells PEOPLE.

"Isaiah was so excited to go to school. He was practicing his teacher’s name, and we went over typical school rules. I felt very emotional as I was getting him ready for school. Sam was also emotional, but was holding it together very well before we dropped Isaiah off," she continues.

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As the video shows, however, the parents are both grappling with tears after getting back in the car after drop-off.

"I am always recording for both TikTok and YouTube, and I wanted to show what it’s really like when you send your child off to school. We were both crying so I started recording, but I didn’t know that he was THAT emotional," Mary shares.

She adds, "It was so cute, but also so funny so I couldn’t help but start laughing at both of us being so emotional."

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<p>Courtesy of Mary and Samajee Harper</p> Mary and Samajee Harper with son Isaiah

Courtesy of Mary and Samajee Harper

Mary and Samajee Harper with son Isaiah

Throughout the day, Mary and Samajee were hopeful Isaiah was feeling "safe and loved" at school.

"I prayed that he was a good listener and a great friend," the mom shares.

When her toddler got home, he was happy to report his first day was a big success. "Isaiah told me about how much he loved the playground and his new teacher," the proud mom shares. "He was so ready to go back again."

It's been a few weeks since the milestone moments and so far, things have been "amazing" for the family.

"It is amazing. Isaiah wakes up before I do some days and I love the relationship that he has with his teacher. As an only child, he likes to play alone a lot, but he is making friends and loves telling me about everything that he is learning," Mary shares.

She adds, "The school sends pictures and updates throughout the day and that also puts my mind at ease."

<p>Courtesy of Mary and Samajee Harper</p> Isaiah Harper

Courtesy of Mary and Samajee Harper

Isaiah Harper

The couple also has a few words of advice for other parents navigating this big moment in their kids' lives.

"I would say that it isn’t easy but you have to do what’s best for your child. Do your research and make sure that your child is with people that you feel 100% confident in. Communicate with the teachers and talk to your child about their day," Mary said, noting, "It gets easier!"

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