Dak Prescott announces birth of baby ‘MJ’, promises a deal will get done with Cowboys

As co-chairman of the Children’s Cancer Fund of Dallas, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has a big heart for kids.

Fighting to rid the world of cancer has been near and dear to him since his mother died of the disease when he was in college.

Being present at Monday’s press conference for the model reveal of the April 19 Children’s Cancer Fund Gala, “A Knight to Remember” took on added meaning as Prescott announced he was a new father.

“Baby MJ” arrived last Thursday and Prescott said his baby girl and mom Sarah Jane Ramos are doing well.

“I feel different I guess, especially when you wake up in the morning and you see that baby and you understand the responsibilities,” Prescott said. “Everything that I’ve always wanted for myself but u want that for somebody else even more. It’s special. Baby is doing great. Mom is doing great. Everybody is healthy and at home. We are blessed.”

Prescott has even changed a few diapers, but it’s been the best part of an offseason that has been quiet and low key compared to recent years.

He has had a lot of alone time to think about the shocking season-ending playoff loss to Green Bay Packers.

Prescott led the NFL with 36 touchdown passes and finished second in NFL MVP voting. But his season was tarnished by two interceptions in the 48-32 blowout loss.

He has resumed his workouts and has pointed toward the 2024 season with an eye toward helping the Cowboys do better. He also plans to remain a staple with the Children Cancer Fund for years to come.

Prescott knows both goals hinge on he and the Cowboys getting on the same page in terms of a new contract.

With a $59.4 million cap hit for 2024, it’s best for the Cowboys to sign him to extension to clear cap room to sign other players to put the best team on the field.

If they don’t get a deal done, Prescott will head into 2024 in the last year of his contract with an unknown future in Dallas.

Prescott, however, expressed confidence in getting a deal done with the Cowboys.

“I’m definitely confident,” Prescott said. “Obviously it helps the team. It’s important for the numbers … That is a process. Both sides understand that. Everything’s great. It’ll happen.”

Troy Aikman, the co-chair of the Children’s Cancer Fund of Dallas, understands questions regarding Prescott and his struggles in the playoffs with just two postseason wins in eight years as the starting quarterback.

Aikman said he was fortunate to be with some great teams that won three Super Bowl titles. And until the Cowboys break through with Prescott, there will be questions.

But Aikman doesn’t believe Prescott’s future in Dallas should under scrutiny.

“And I don’t think it is,” Aikman said. “They got to do with deal, don’t they? They got to free up some money. So he’ll be here for a little while longer and he should be. He’s proven he can play at a high level. And I know that they’ve come up short as a team the last few years but he’s been a great player in this league and his best years are still ahead of him.”