Dakota Johnson Leads ‘SNL’ Tour That Turns Into a ‘Bear’ Sketch in New Promo | Video

“Madame Web” star Dakota Johnson took viewers on a fake tour through “Saturday Night Live’s” studio, and just happened to walk into a “The Bear” mini-sketch.

“Hi, I’m Dakota. Welcome to my home away from home — studio 8H. Come on in,” Johnson said as she welcomed watchers into the studio while spitting untrue facts about the program. “A lot of people don’t know this, but 8H actually stands for 800, which is how much Lorne [Michaels] bought the studio for in 1812. Let’s go this way.” Michaels, who created the sketch comedy series, was born on Nov. 17, 1944 — the show made its premiere on Oct. 11, 1975.

“And this is where they write the cue cards, which is so cute, because I’m going to say whatever I want,” Johnson said, throwing the cards to the floor.

Johnson then took a stroll through the studio’s wardrobe, makeup and hair department.

“Fun fact — all of these wigs are made with chinchilla hair. It looks really great on camera but f–king stinks.”

Her last stop was Punkie Johnson’s dressing room. Opening the door, she was greeted by Punkie Johnson and fellow “SNL” cast member Devon Walker taking on roles from the Emmy-winning drama series “The Bear.”

“Eighty-six the shrimp; they’re overcooked. And where’s that garlic butter?!” Punkie Johnson questions.

“Thirty seconds, chef,” Walker states, playing “The Bear’s” Marcus, before the host shuts the door.

She then notices limes set to the side

“I put jambalaya on my rider. Oh! I love limes,” Johnson says, as the show’s cast members are heard scrambling in the background. The joke was a nod to a viral interview Johnson did in 202o where she claimed to love limes — before later admitting that she’d just made that up.

“Jesus Christ! Let’s go!” one of the actors says from inside.

Johnson is set to star as “Madame Web” in the upcoming action sci-fi superhero film, set in Sony’s Spider-Man universe. It also stars Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, Emma Roberts, Tahar Rahim and Adam Scott. She’s set to host the NBC show this weekend alongside musical guest Justin Timberlake.

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