“Dancing with the Stars” Season 32 Finale: See Who Won the Inaugural Len Goodman Mirrorball Trophy

Tuesday night's finale — featuring finalists Jason Mraz, Alyson Hannigan, Ariana Madix, Xochitl Gomez, and Charity Lawson — also saw the return of the season 32 celebrities and a few guest star surprises!

<p>Eric McCandless/DISNEY via Gett</p> All five finalists on

Eric McCandless/DISNEY via Gett

All five finalists on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Warning: this post contains spoilers from the season 32 finale of Dancing with the Stars. 

Dancing with the Stars has finally named its winner for season 32!

Tuesday night's episode saw the latest season come to a close, with Marvel actress Xochitl Gomez and her pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy being named the winners of the Len Goodman Mirrorball Trophy, which was officially renamed in September following the death of longtime head judge Len Goodman.

Xochitl and Val beat out runner-up, singer Jason Mraz, as well as actress Alyson HanniganVanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix, and Bachelorette star Charity Lawson.

Energy in the ballroom was high from the start with co-hosts Julianne Hough and Alfonso Ribeiro kicking off the episode with a warm welcome and a celebration of the five finalists — a first for the show — as they prepared to compete for the winner's title.

Before the dances kicked off, the judges — Derek Hough, Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba — shared their individual insight on what each finalist brings to the ballroom and why they could potentially win it all.

The cast then performed an opening dance number, which featured the season 32 pros and the return of their celebrity partners, as well as the five finalists entering the ballroom from the ceiling, suspended on their own disco balls.

The episode also featured a look back at season 32 as a whole, a dance from season 31 winners Charli D'Amelio and Mark Ballas, and another shirtless performance from season 32 competitor Barry Williams.

Midway through the finale, the pros delivered a Christmas-themed dance featuring a surprise appearance from season 5 star and race car driver Hélio Castroneves, former pro Witney Carson, season 28 champion and former Bachelorette Hannah Brown, and season 24 champion and NFL player Rashad Jennings.

Finalist Jason Mraz also delivered a live performance to his song "I Feel Like Dancing" beside the pros and judge Derek Hough.

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Alyson Hannigan and Sasha Farber

How I Met Your Mother alum Alyson Hannigan admitted she thought Alfonso "made a mistake" when she was announced as one of the finalists. The actress then recalled her experience on the show, laughing at how she was "terrible" in the beginning but slowly improved. Her "turning point" was the Viennese waltz, but Sasha said she didn't hit a "breakthrough" until week 8.

"I cannot believe the things that I've done here," Alyson said, before welcoming Carrie Ann into rehearsals to help her master their redemption Salsa to “Get on Your Feet" by Gloria Estefan.

Carrie Ann pushed Alyson to tap into her "feminine power" and even helped her overcome some emotions in rehearsal, where the American Pie alum broke down in tears over the pressure and desire to want to "do her very best."

After performing her dance, Carrie Ann commended the progress Alyson has made, saying she has "grace and confidence now" and she's "so proud" of her. Derek agreed, saying he felt their dance showed off Alyson's "confidence [and] joy" and she "owned that crowd tonight." Bruno was on his feet, adding how he loved seeing Alyson's "confidence blossom."

In the skybox afterward, Alyson's fellow DWTS competitor Harry Jowsey couldn't help but cry happy tears, telling her he was "so proud" of her for making it to the final, despite being the underdog of the finalists.

Score: 25/30

Jason Mraz and Daniella Karagach

Singer Jason Mraz and pro Daniella Karagach celebrated making it into the finale as they looked back at their time on DWTS. For Jason, the ride wasn't an easy one as he hit a rough patch in the middle of the competition that caused his scores to drop. However, as Daniella noted, he really hit his stride in week 9.

When Bruno entered rehearsals, he revealed that Jason would be dancing a redemption Foxtrot to “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra. Bruno was particularly concerned about Jason's shoulders and frame, but Jason took the constructive feedback in stride.

"Now I've had 10+ weeks dancing in the ballroom," Jason told cameras. "My confidence is stronger and my body has hardened, I need everything to go right."

After the dance, Bruno was on his feet, calling the dance "fantastic" and saying "Len would love this, it was pure, classic, ballroom Foxtrot." Carrie Ann urged Jason to host a "Las Vegas residency" and commended him for "having fun." Derek was also impressed by his control and frame, saying, "Jason, I loved it."

In the skybox, Jason and Daniella were both moved to tears as they reflected on their progress.

Score: 30/30

Ariana Madix and Pasha Pashkov

Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix was introduced by fellow VPR star Lisa Vanderpump, who sat in the audience and said she was "so proud of her."

In rehearsals, Ariana was thrilled to make it into the finale and said her journey has been "incredible" and "crazy." Looking back on her progress, Pasha couldn't help but point out how Ariana "pushed through" despite her injuries.

Derek came into their rehearsals and informed Ariana and Pasha they'd be performing a redemption Samba to “Spice Up Your Life” by the Spice Girls. "To have Derek come into rehearsals, that's like Beyoncé giving you vocal lessons," Ariana joked to cameras.

Derek advised Ariana and Pasha to focus on their arm placement and keeping their feet closed. "In order to redeem myself, I have to be a perfect dancer," Ariana vowed.

After their dance, the crowd was on their feet — and it appeared Ariana even had another special guest in the audience: fellow VPR star Katie Maloney.

Derek praised Ariana, calling her the "Samba queen," and commended her for doing the "difficult" routine "effortlessly." Bruno pointed out the way Ariana "works every movement" and was rendered speechless by the routine. Carrie Ann was also proud of the "refinement" she made in the moves, but noted that she "got a little ahead of the music."

Following the judges' feedback, Ariana said she was simply thrilled to be able to say she danced with Derek Hough.

Score: 29/30

Charity Lawson and Artem Chigvintsev

Charity said making it to the DWTS finale was "the best feeling" aside from getting engaged to her Bachelorette finalist Dotun Olubeko.

"It's so exciting to say I made it and I'm here," she said as she reflected on her up-and-down journey on the show, which often included receiving constructive criticism from the judges.

Carrie Ann entered their rehearsal session, assigning the duo a Tango to “Libertango” by Astor Piazzolla. As Charity listened to her feedback and applied it into their routine, she told cameras, "I am taking every single bit of her advice because it's the finale, it's now or never."

After their dance, Carrie Ann called the routine "amazing" and praised the "connection" between Charity and Artem. She did, however, point out a mistake in their dance. Derek was on his feet and called the routine "the best dance of the night so far," calling it "captivating," "fierce" and "so strong." Bruno agreed, noting that their dance was "impeccably elegant" and "sleek."

In the skybox, Charity spoke to Carrie Ann's influence in rehearsals, saying "it really made the difference."

Score: 29/30

Xochitl Gomez and Val Chmerkovskiy

Marvel star Xochitl Gomez and Val Chmerkovskiy celebrated making it into the finale as Xochitl said she was "really proud" of her dance journey and progress. "Being here and making it this far, it's pretty unbelievable and I'm really grateful," she told cameras.

As Bruno arrived in rehearsals, he told Xochitl and Val they'd be dancing a redemption Foxtrot to Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally.” Xochitl vowed to take Bruno's advice and "make him proud" — while also achieving a perfect score.

"Anything lower than a 10 is gonna be a little bit scary," she said of the importance that the finale dances hold.

Following the routine, Bruno commended Xochitl's "musicality" and said "it is a delight watching you." Carrie Ann called the dance "breathtakingly beautiful" and pointed out how effortlessly she makes dancing look. Derek said it was "smooth as silk" and Xochitl should be "so proud" of herself.

Though she was fearful of not receiving a 10, Xochitl's fears appeared to be unfounded as she earned a perfect score for her first dance of the evening.

Score: 30/30

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Heading into the freestyle round, Xochitl and Val topped the leaderboard with a 90/90 (their redemption round score plus their scores from last week) while Alyson and Sasha sat at the bottom with 76/90.

Charity Lawson and Artem Chigvintsev

Charity teared up in rehearsals as she anticipated dancing her final dance on DWTS. "It's been so rewarding seeing myself change over the course of time," she told Artem.

For her freestyle, Charity decided to incorporate cheerleading into the routine since she cheered when she was younger. "I am among the best of the best so I have to do something extra to stand out," she said.

However, in rehearsals, Charity suffered a jaw injury that ultimately sent her to the hospital in an ambulance. Charity feared she wouldn't be able to open her mouth, but ultimately returned after confirming there were no breaks or serious injuries. "Nothing is gonna stop me from bringing home the mirrorball," she vowed.

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Her high-energy performance — complete with flips, throws and cartwheels to “Lose My Breath” by Destiny’s Child and “Suéltate” by Sam i & Jarina De Marco featuring Anitta & BIA – had the audience on their feet and the judges raving afterwards. Derek said he felt like she had "been waiting all season to do that" and simply stated, "I don't think we've ever seen anything like that in the history of Dancing with the Stars!"

Bruno said the routine deserved to be on the Super Bowl while Carrie Ann praised it as "perfection."

Score: 30/30

Total: 118

Jason Mraz and Daniella Karagach

Jason and Daniella were also moved to tears in rehearsal, reflecting on their time together on the dance competition series. For the freestyle round, Jason chose “Happy” by C2C featuring Derek Martin.

He said the song was a perfect fit because it was about choosing to "face your fears and find your happiness, and that's been my journey on this show." He also said he can't believe how much he's grown, noting, "When I look back at some of the dances, I can't believe it's me."

Despite performing the "most intense routine that I've ever had to pull off," Jason vowed to nail the dance. "I'm not that kid who gives up anymore," he said, noting he would "dance without fear of being judged."

"I fought my way into this finale," he added. "I'm gonna give it my all and prove I have what it takes to win that mirrorball."

Their dance had everyone on their feet, and led Bruno to say it was "out of this world." Carrie Ann praised Jason for sharing his "vulnerable" journey and called it "wonderful." Derek concluded the judges' feedback and said, "You didn't just try, my friend, you succeeded. That was phenomenal!"

Score: 30/30

Total: 117

Ariana Madix and Pasha Pashkov

Ahead of her freestyle, Ariana recognized the importance of the dance. "This is everything," she said.

She also praised Pasha for his partnership on DWTS. "If it wasn't for you, being partnered with you, I don't think I would know what I was capable of," she said. "This experience has taught me that I can trust my partner, even if he's just my dance partner... this whole experience has made me not underestimate myself."

Reflecting on the "most insane year of my life," Ariana said she was "so thrilled to be ending it on such an amazingly positive note," noting that she's "rediscovered at 38 years old... that my passions are reignited and I might be able to continue doing what I love now."

"Dancing with the Stars might very well be the beginning of the rest of my life," she added.

Ariana and Pasha danced a mashup of “Run The World (Girls)” by Beyoncé and “Level Up” by Ciara — and the empowered routine had the crowd and judges on their feet.

After their dance, Carrie Ann exclaimed how "that was off the charts" and commended her for showing off how she was so "empowered." Derek said he was "living it" and praised Ariana for how she "shined in that routine." Bruno called the routine "hot as hell."

Score: 30/30

Total: 117

Alyson Hannigan and Sasha Farber

Still shocked by her appearance in the finale, Alyson said she was having a hard time believing she was here but proud of her efforts.

"I came into this for my kids and to prove I wasn't gonna let my fear hold me back," she said. "And I've proven even more to myself than to them. I've learned so much and grown in so many ways."

'I'm always gonna be so grateful for this experience," she added. "Now that I'm here, I am gonna go for it and I'm gonna finish big ... winning the mirrorball would be a dream come true, one that I didn't believe was even possible!"

As expected, Alyson leaned into her Taylor Swift fandom and decided to dance a mash-up to “Enchanted (Taylor’s Version)” and “Papi” by Jennifer Lopez. The routine wasn't without an American Pie reference either, as Alyson incorporated a line from her iconic role in the film where she said, "This one time, on Dancing with the Stars, I made it to the finals!"

Derek praised her for "coming out here every single week and giving it your call," calling the dance "fantastic." Bruno called her the "people's champion," while Carrie Ann celebrated Alyson's "beautiful lines and lifts." She added how "everything came together."

Score: 28/30

Total: 104

Xochitl Gomez and Val Chmerkovskiy

Xochitl had no regrets about her time on the show and even told Val there was never a "moment of ever saying, 'Man I wish I wasn't on this show.'" She credited that feeling to her "amazing" partnership with Val and thanked him for "allowing me to be myself."

"I've been on projects where a lot of people don't listen to what I say... so being here and being able to have that is really nice," she said.

For his part, Val said becoming a dad in the off-season helped him to "empower" Xochitl. "It definitely changed everything. There's a sense of nurturing and protectiveness that I felt this season more than ever," he said.

In rehearsals, Xochitl vowed to incorporate her culture, calling it "one of the most hype freestyle dances" fans will ever witness on DWTS. "Winning with him ... would be awesome," she added of Val.

For the freestyle round, the duo danced to “Que Calor” by District 78. As the crowd broke into a "Xochitl" chant afterward, Bruno called their dance "exceptional" and praised the young actress' ability to "live the dance with you."

Carrie Ann commended Xochitl for how she represented herself and her culture, noting that the dance showed a new "courageous" side of her and they "danced as one."

Derek pointed out their connection, calling Xochitl the "most captivating, charamistic dancer on this show."

Score: 30/30

Total: 120

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After an evening of excitement, celebrity ballroom returns and memorable performances, it was finally time to crown a winner of season 32. Before doing so, the finalists received some motivational messages of love from their closest friends and families.

Alfonso and Julianne then revealed the couple in fifth place was Alyson and Sasha. In fourth place were Charity and Artem, and Ariana and Pasha nabbed third place.

This left Xochitl and Val and Jason and Daniella as the final two. Charli D'Amelio then returned to the ballroom floor to present the mirrorball trophy to the winners.

In the final moments, Xochitl and Val were named the winners of season 32.

<p>abc</p> Xochitl Gomez and Val Chmerkovskiy winning 'DWTS'


Xochitl Gomez and Val Chmerkovskiy winning 'DWTS'

Through her tears, Xochitl cried, "Oh my gosh!" after winning as the duo were lifted onto their costars' shoulders and confetti fell from the ceiling.

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