Darcey Silva Encourages Her New Love Interest to 'Break a Rule or Two' After She Discovers He's Celibate

"I don't know why you would waste time in not having sex," Darcey Silva declared on Monday's episode of Darcey & Stacey


Darcey Silva was hoping to put drama in the past but had no such luck on the latest episode of Darcey & Stacey.

The 90 Day Fiancé alum, 48, was still reeling from her twin Stacey's decision to proceed with a photo shoot for their House of Eleven x Impossible Kicks collaboration without her.

"I'm a Type A type of person. I want everything to be perfect," she explained. "I want everything to be in order and I think Stacey just kinda wanted to jump the gun and get it done because we needed to send the samples back but I don't do business like that."

Darcey told her friend Michael Benz — who was in town to DJ the launch party for the collection — that she was upset because went behind her back to hire Florian Sukaj to be "the only face" of the collaboration. Michael suggested that Florian might actually be the one behind the photo shoot because he needed a job.


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Tensions were still running high between the sisters when they arrived.

"This launch event means not only to me but to Darcey and the whole company," Stacey said. "But I haven't talked to Darcey much since the big fight about the photo shoot so I'm really hoping that everyone stays on their best behavior. We don't need any more drama."

Despite wanting to keep the drama at bay, Michael confronted Florian about the photo shoot during the launch event. As their argument heated up, Michael told him he needed to apologize while Florian warned him to stay out of his business.

Florian wasted no time in telling Stacey about his exchange with Michael. Stacey then turned around and asked her sister: "Darcey, Are you starting s---? Are you talking about our business to Michael Benz?"

Darcey then admitted that she was still "upset" about the photo shoot, adding, "I'm allowed to say how I feel to my friends."

Stacey couldn't believe that Darcey was still not over the photo shoot. She explained, "I'm really upset right now that this freaking arguing is going on, we've worked far too hard and too long for all this crazy drama to be happening."

Before the launch party came to close, the twins performed their song for the crowd and decided to move forward from the photo shoot fallout.


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Later in the episode, Darcey hesitantly agreed when Stacey if ex Georgi Rusev could come to the fiancés' joint bachelor and bachelorette party.

"I know [Florian] doesn't have a lot of friends, and he wants Georgi by his side again," Darcey said, "but I'm in a much better place mentally right now for myself so I'll just have to take one for the team."


Darcey also spilled to her sister about her potential new love interest Zach. She shared, "He has that look that I love, you know. The long hair, he's chiseled but Zach's an American. It's been a long time since I've dated somebody that was from here. Stacey and I have always been attracted to different cultures, people with accents, it's very sexy to us. I feel like I've been around the world and back."

She admitted that she was "a little intimated" for her date with Zach, a personal trainer, because he's "younger and hot."

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Darcey couldn't get over Zach's physique when they first met and she "got chills" throughout her body when they embraced.

After they had to cancel their plans to kayak due to rain, Darcey still showed off her athletic side by doing squats at a bar, which appeared to impress Zach.

"Let me tell you something, you can cut that sexual tension with a knife, it's so thick," she shared. "I feel tingly all over, my whole body's pulsating."

Darcey also couldn't help but notice his large package, sharing, "He had a huge-ass bulge in his pants. I'm sorry, eyes were like trying to be here, but it kept going down there and I was in awe."

He then threw a curveball at Darcey, telling her that he had been celibate for the last two and half months. He said, "I do spurts of like four months, six, and then I'll release."

He further explained his decision in a confessional, sharing, "I find so much joy stimulating women mentally. Physical thing, anyone can do that. But once I just get into that, just explore her mind and I get a sense of how she's feeling ... for me, that's better than sex."

However, Darcey didn't understand his decision, saying, "I'm shocked that this freaking hot-ass guy would be celibate. I don't know why you would waste time in not having sex."

She then asked if liked breaking the rules and he responded, "Holy cow, you are going to get me in trouble here."

Darcey added, "Sometimes it's OK to break a rule or two."

Zack admitted his sexual energy is "through the roof" after meeting Darcey. He added, "I've learned to put a tight collar on that bad boy, but she woke up something inside of me that's been sleeping for a while. I'm gonna get me into some trouble here."

Despite his decision to be celibate, Darcey had high hopes for their future, sharing, "Even though he was celibate, Zach got everything going for him. He's a great guy. He's got a big heart and he's so deep with his self and his soul. I feel like we could really connect on that level. I think we would make a good match."


Later in the episode, the twins kicked off Stacey's bachelorette weekend to the spa to get their vaginas "rejuvenated."

Darcey and Stacey received the O-shot which "targets sexual pleasure." Darcey candidly shared, "The O-shot feels like your lips are swollen, your whole vagina is like one big ball."

After her injection, Stacey decided to show off the results to Florian on a FaceTime call.

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The ladies then made their way to New York City for the bachelor/bachelorette party. When they arrived, Georgi wasted no time trying to get back in her good graces after she rejected him in Miami.

"Typical Georgi," Darcey said. "Of course, he's hitting on me. He's complimenting me. I'm just gonna stay cool and just do me and focus on what's the important which is my sister."

Florian also confronted Darcey about her decision to rent a party bus instead of a limo for their night out on the town. Georgi backed him up and suggested they have "a real bachelor party" at a "nice club" instead.


Darcey defended herself, telling Florian and Georgi, "I'm the maid of honor and I planned this for them. I put all the time, dedication and hard work into making this fabulous so enjoy it. It's going to be amazing."

After the tense moment, Georgi once again tried to make amends. He told Darcey that he didn't want to make things difficult and only wanted to have "a good time" and their friend Michael stepped in to tell him to chill out.

Georgi didn't take his comment well, explaining, "This guy with blue hair come and ruin all the fun. I mean it's not his business if I want to talk to Darcey like he come and talk to me f--- like that. That's disrespectful."

Darcey worried the drama would ultimately ruin the night.

"I'm trying to stay in a good mood and create a fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy themselves tonight. I don't want any drama to ensue," she shared in a confessional. "I already feel like something is brewing. There's a lot of tension in the air and I feel that something bad is going to happen tonight and I don't want that."

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