Daredevil boss on whether Born Again is connected to the Netflix series

Daredevil boss Erik Oleson has spoken about the possibility of Daredevil: Born Again being connected to the original Netflix series.

Oleson served as the showrunner for the show's third season, which turned out to be its last following its abrupt cancellation in 2018.

It was announced in 2021 that Marvel Studios had regained the rights to the franchise, and they subsequently ordered a series for Disney+ that will see Charlie Cox reprise his role as the superhero.

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With fans uncertain if Born Again would be a reboot or a continuation, Oleson has now shared some details about the upcoming show.

"I don't have any inside information for you. I knew it was going to happen just from rumblings through friends in the grapevine of the Marvel family. But I really don't know what they're planning yet," he told ScreenRant.

"We used pieces from Born Again in our season. I still call [Daredevil: Born Again] season four, but they're trying to insist it isn't, so I'll go along with whatever they want to call it," Oleson added.

Despite not being able to complete the story with his own show, Oleson expressed support for the cast and crew of Born Again, revealing that he was excited to view the episodes.


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"I'm rooting for them. I'm very happy that Charlie and Vincent [D’Onofrio], and hopefully more of our Marvel friends will get a chance to go make more of the show,” he said.

"I'm a huge fan of them; I'm a huge fan of the show. I look forward to seeing what it is — I hope it's great."

As well as Cox and D’Onofrio, Born Again will also feature Sandrine Holt and Severance's Nikki M James, as well as Jon Bernthal, who's reprising his role as The Punisher.

Daredevil seasons 1-3 are streaming on Disney+. Daredevil: Born Again is due to premiere in 2024.

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