Dave Portnoy branded a Massachusetts pizza shop as the 'worst pizza place in America' after a now viral shouting match. Now its sales are through the roof.

  • Sales are booming at a pizza place that Dave Portnoy branded the "worst" in the United States.

  • Dragon Pizza in Somerville, Massachusetts, said in an Instagram post that it was "completely sold out" on Tuesday.

  • Portnoy and the shop's owner recently got into an on-camera expletive-filled feud that's gone viral.

Sales have gone through the roof at a Massachusetts pizza shop after the Barstool Sports founder and famed slice reviewer Dave Portnoy branded the pizza joint as the "worst" in the United States following a now viral feud with the owner of the eatery.

Somerville's Dragon Pizza said in a post on its Instagram account on Tuesday that it was "completely sold out" and needed to close its doors for the day.

"We are completely sold out and need a day to prepare for the rest of the week. Thank you to our amazing staff and supporters. Couldn't do it without y'all," the post read.

A day earlier, Dragon Pizza posted to the social-media account that it was "sold out."


This comes after Portnoy got into an on-camera spat with the Dragon Pizza owner, Charlie Redd, as Portnoy was in the middle of filming his review of the joint's pizza, which he dubbed a "floppy mess" and ultimately rated a 6.4 out of 10.

Portnoy posted the review showing his expletive-filled shouting match with Redd to his Instagram account and YouTube channel, "One Bite Pizza Reviews," last week, labeling the shop "The Worst Pizza Place in America."

As Portnoy stood outside the shop and gave his pizza review, Redd came out to tell Portnoy: "Dave, enjoy your pizza as any customer, but I don't appreciate what you do coming in and judging a business with one bite," the video of the incident shows.

Redd continued, "I hope you enjoy your pizza, but I don't appreciate what you do to small businesses."

Portnoy then snapped back at Redd, saying that he's "actually helped so many small businesses" and added, "Now I can say peacefully, this pizza is trash."

Moments later, the two started to insult each other after Redd told Portnoy to stop standing in front of his business.

In the aftermath of the viral ordeal, Redd told Boston.com he had gotten death threats.

"It's kind of new terrain for me. It's mental," Redd told the news outlet. "But I don't want to give him credit for complicating my life. We're running our pizza shop, and everyone is happy. I'm receiving death threats. I've received threats at my home. I'm receiving tons of all sorts of different attacks in many different ways."

Still, Redd said, "We're going to go back to making pizza and making people happy."

Reps for Barstool Sports, Portnoy, and Redd did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Insider on Tuesday.

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