David Beckham Celebrates Victoria Beckham’s 50th Birthday With a Subtle Roast (and Receipts)

Samir Hussein

David and Victoria Beckham have one of the most enviable marriages in the celebrity world and the world of professional sports, two spaces that are notorious for breaking up relationships. In interviews over the years, they've often credited their success to their ability to laugh at and with each other.

So what better way to say “I love you” than with a subtle callback to that time David publicly roasted his wife?

On Wednesday, April 17, David Beckham shared a video montage in honor of Victoria's 50th birthday. Among the home videos of the couple's four children and photos of the pair throughout their nearly 25 years of marriage are images of a young Victoria. There's a picture of her as an infant sitting with her parents, a studio portrait of a young Posh Spice in a frilly floral dress, as well as a close-up of Victoria with blunt bangs, her hair hoisted into a high ponytail…which then zooms out to reveal Victoria and her younger sister are posing with her dad's Rolls-Royce.

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The zoom-out transition was definitely an intentional choice on David's part, a reference to their viral scene from Netflix's three-part docuseries titled Beckham. As you'll recall, Victoria was speaking to the camera about growing up “working class” when David popped his head into the room to ask, “What car did your dad drive you to school in?”

After some prodding to “be honest,” Victoria admitted, “a Rolls-Royce.” His work finished, David said “thank you” and closed the door, letting Victoria carry on with the rest of her interview. In the caption of his birthday tribute, David quoted Victoria's protestation (“I am being honest!”) and also shared some beautiful words about his wife.

“As you head into this birthday you should look back and be proud of what you have accomplished, achieved & what you have built,” reads the caption. He then lists some of her achievements: “Posh spice, business woman & of course marrying an England captain 😂”

He adds, “But your biggest success are your children, you guide them, love them & teach them… They love you beyond words, we all love you so much x Have a special day you deserve it all.”

Happy birthday to our working-class hero, Victoria Beckham.

Originally Appeared on Glamour