Daylight Saving Time ending: How to get a better night’s sleep as we fall back

Daylight Saving Time in California is coming to an end on Nov. 5.

As we turn our clocks back an hour, how do we keep our sleep schedule on track despite the change?

“Try to do things the day before the time change to promote good sleep drive,” said Michelle Drerup, sleep specialist at Cleveland Clinic. “Think about how you can make yourself more prepared for sleep versus doing things that take away from sleepiness.

Drerup encourages people to follow typical good sleeping habits, avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol use before bed, and instead of taking an afternoon nap, go for a walk or jog.

Exercise can make it easier to fall asleep, she added.

A healthy diet can improve the quality of your sleep, too. Most of all, Drerup urges people to stick to their normal bedtime and not stress too much about the time change.