Death in Paradise season 13 potential release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

ralf little as neville and shantol jackson as naomi in a scene from death in paradise season 12
Death in Paradise s13 - What you need to knowDenis Guyenon/Red Planet Pictures - BBC

Death in Paradise spoilers follow.

Another sun/series has set on Saint Marie, and all is quiet on this picturesque island... for now at least.

For a small community where everyone seems to know everyone, Death in Paradise has a ridiculous amount of murder going on, and there's now even more on the horizon after the BBC confirmed the show will be returning for seasons 13 and 14.

What's next in store for Ralf Little's Neville? Will he stick with his decision or make a change? Here's everything you need to know...

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Death in Paradise series 13 potential release date: When is the show returning?

Currently, there has been no official announcement regarding exactly when Death in Paradise will return for season 13, but we do know it's coming back: it's been renewed for two full series and two feature-length Christmas specials.

"With its sparkling blend of mystery, humour and heart, Death in Paradise continues to delight the millions of us who make the return trip to Saint Marie with every sun-drenched episode," said Lindsay Salt, director of BBC drama.

"It is a programme that goes from strength to strength, and I could not be happier that it will return for another two series and specials on BBC One and iPlayer."

ralf little as neville and shantol jackson as naomi in a scene from death in paradise season 12
Denis Guyenon/Red Planet Pictures - BBC

"The response to series 12 has been incredible, so we're delighted that we'll be heading back to Guadeloupe for at least two more series!" added executive producer Tim Key.

"We've got an amazing and joyful Christmas special in store, and then series 13 begins with our 100th episode, so we've got plenty of surprises ready to celebrate that milestone. We've got huge plans for the future and can't wait to get going again."

The series has been running for so long now and remains so popular that, unless there had been a major or unexpected shake-up, there's no way they would have cancelled the series without at least a final season or special. So we're very glad we're getting more of it!

As for a concrete release date, we'll let you know when we hear something more official. Looking back, the BBC has usually aired a festive special between Christmas and New Year, followed by a full series launch shortly after in early January.

Death in Paradise season 13 cast: Who will be back?

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At the end of season 12, after a lot of soul-searching, Neville Parker decided to remain on Saint Marie for the time being. So Ralf Little will be back in action.

He'll be more than likely joined by the Commissioner, played by Don Warrington.

Other key cast members currently include:

• Shantol Jackson (DS Naomi Thompson)
• Tahj Miles (Officer Marlon Pryce)
• Ginny Holder (Trainee Darlene Curtis)
• Elizabeth Bourgine (Catherine Bourday)

Of course, none of this will be confirmed until we get that all-important casting announcement.

Death in Paradise season 13 plot: What will happen in the new episodes?

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Denis Guyenon - BBC

Well, Death in Paradise is largely a police procedural – so expect some alarmingly elaborate murder plots coming your way.

While the rest of the team has some smaller storylines, they haven't ever tangled into their work as much as they did in the latest season, so there is a chance there could be more on the horizon for them if the show continues to develop this way.

After deciding to remain on Saint Marie following one last conversation with killer ex-girlfriend Sophie, Neville might be struggling to find love again – but you never know.

Shantol Jackson, who plays Naomi, said in a recent interview that while she's not yet privy to any of the storylines for season 13, there are certain things she would love to see for her character.

"I can't tell you anything just yet because I don't know yet, but I'm sure it will be just as amazing or even more for season 13," she told Hello. "We've set a bar and I believe in going over the bar – we maintain or go over it, we don't go below it! Expect season 12 or more."

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In terms of what she's hoping will be on the cards for Naomi, Jackson said she loved seeing her "human" storylines in season 12. She said: "I really appreciated the Saint Barnabas episode, episode six and seven. I'd love more stories like that, where we're forced to step out of our comfort zone.

"Then you find people will gravitate to those stories as well, because you’re having an actual human experience. I’d love more stories like that."

She added: "But of course I love solving crime. I’ll be happy whatever they throw at me. We're always happy to do more and step out of our comfort zone to be as creative as possible."

Beyond that, your guess is as good as ours, but we'll let you know if the cast and crew let us into any tidbits and plans.

Death in Paradise season 13 trailer: Is there any new footage yet?

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Sorry folks – no new footage yet, but keep checking in here and we'll let you know as soon as we know any more!

We promise, as we know waiting can be an absolute killer.

Death in Paradise is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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