TikTok video about McCain frozen cake prices goes viral: 'It's been cheap since the 1980s'

Deep'n Delicious cakes by McCain: Are they recession proof? A TikTok user looks at price increases on the treat from 2023 to 2024

A B.C.-based TikTok user took to the platform to find out if McCain's Deep'N Delicious frozen cakes are "recession-proof and inflation-proof," amid a cost of living crisis in Canada that has shoppers crying foul at grocery prices across the country.

"It's so freakin' cheap," TV host Bob Kronbauer says in the video. "It's been cheap since the 1980s."

Kronbauer tracked the price of the iconic treat over the last year, from 2023 to this week in 2024, at major grocery chains like SaveOn, Walmart, Loblaws, IGA and Shoppers Drug Mart.

What he found — that not only has the price gone up in the last four decades, it's also increased in the last 12 months — has caught Canadians' attention, garnering almost 800,000 views and 1,500 comments on the 85-second video.

The frozen cake, which is produced by McCain, has long been thought as an affordable option for store-bought desserts. The simple treat is available in five different flavours now — chocolate, vanilla, marble, vanilla coconut and cookies and cream — and is known for its top layer of piped frozen frosting. It has been around since the 1980s and over the years was sometimes included in promotions for fast food chains like KFC.

Best price on McCain frozen cake is $6.57 this week in 2024

But it turns out, even Deep 'N Delicious isn’t inflation proof.

All the outlets that Kronbauer surveyed did indeed mark up the price of the cake in the last year.

Walmart has the cheapest price for Deep 'N Delicious, at $6.57 this week, which is up $1.70 from $4.87 a year earlier.

Loblaws and IGA came in second, with both stores selling the treat for $7.99, up from $6.99 and $6.49 respectively from a year prior.

SaveOn had the smallest price increase over the last year, but was selling the cake at the second highest price — $8.29 vs. $7.49 a year ago.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Shoppers Drug Mart sells the cake for the highest price, going at $8.99. In 2023, they sold it for $6.49, a whopping $2.50 jump in price.

Canada reacts: Users remember Deep'n Delicious cakes were '2.99 ... 3.99 max'

Many in the comments reminisced of a time when these cakes were under $5.

“Last time I bought one they were $3.99 on sale,” TikTok user Steven.Valentino wrote. “Man the times changed.”

"These cakes used to be 2.99 or 3.99 max," another remarked. "They taste delicious. But I'm not paying $8 for it."

Others shared fond memories of the nostalgic cake from their childhood.

“My favourite,” AshRivas wrote. “I remember KFC would give them with the family dinner when I was a kid. The best.”

“I absolutely LOVE those cakes,” BumpyWumpy wrote.”That’s all I ever wanted for my birthday cake when I was a kid.”

Some were not surprised to see Shoppers currently had the steepest price hike for Deep'N Delicious.

“Shoppers is wildin’,” user Sarah commented.

“Convenience store pricing in there, it’s ridiculous,” user edward.and.elliette added.

The drug store has recently been lambasted online for its high prices on many everyday items. There’s even a forum on Reddit dedicated to exposing pricing at Shoppers and other Loblaw-affiliated stores.