The Dell XPS 15 is on sale with a $200 discount

The Dell XPS 15 slightly opened on a table.
Mark Coppock / Digital Trends

We do our best to highlight Dell XPS deals whenever we come across them. Why, you may be asking? For starters, the XPS lineup is particularly great at combining power, performance, and solid pricing, making for a portable and reliable PC. Dell laptop deals also tend to be some of the best PC promos one week to the next. Speaking of which, here’s another XPS deal that is getting a ton of our attention this week.

Right now, the Dell XPS 15 Laptop is on sale for $1,100. That’s a $200 discount from its $1,300 retail. Sure, it’s not the biggest markdown in the world, but if you’ve been waiting to score an excellent Windows setup before the back-to-school chaos begins, this is a deal you don’t want to miss!

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Why you should buy the Dell XPS 15

Let’s begin with some of XPS 15 fundamentals: Running the ship, we’ve got an Intel Core i7-13620H CPU that can clock up to 4.9GHz. Graphically, the laptop uses an integrated Intel Iris Xe system. These core peripherals have 16GB (can be upgraded to 32GB) of RAM at their disposal, and 512GB of internal storage (upgradeable to 1TB). That’s a powerhouse laptop folks.

Whether you plan on using the XPS 15 for simple browsing and HD playback, or you plan on using the laptop for light to moderate PC gaming (check out this week’s terrific gaming PC deals too), this Dell will handle just about any workflow you can throw its way. Plus, it’s portable and lightweight enough to fit into most carrying cases, backpacks, and handbags with ease!

As far as the screen goes, Dell equipped the XPS 15 with a 15.6-inch FHD+ anti-glare display. While the resolution is capped at 1080p HD and frame capabilities at 60Hz, the InfinityEdge panel is able to push up to 500 nits for peak brightness. That’s pretty astounding for a laptop, and should bode well for those of us looking to use the XPS 15 on bright, sunny days.

Battery wise, you should get around 13 hours of usage on a full charge. In terms of available ports, you’ll get a nice mix of USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 connections, as well as an SD card reader and 3.5mm headphone jack.

Laptop deals are going to become more abundant in the weeks leading up to back-to-school shopping, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of these types of promos before the onslaught arrives. And right now, you can take home the Dell XPS 15 Laptop for only $1,100 when you purchase through Dell.

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