This Dell XPS desktop deal cuts the price of a tower by $450

The Dell XPS Desktop on a desk next to a monitor.

Dell XPS deals are some of our favorite promos to write home about. And right now, you’ll be able to take home the Dell XPS Desktop for just $1,100. Normally, this powerful PC goes for $1,550, so we’d recommend nabbing this great Dell markdown while you still can!

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Why you should buy the Dell XPS desktop

One of the most important parts of any PC purchase is what’s running the show underneath the hood. In the case of the XPS Desktop, you’ll be working with a 13th Gen Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 GPU. Whether you plan on using the XPS as a daily web browser, or an all-hands-on-deck graphic design workstation, the i7 and RTX graphics provide the power you need, along with arresting visuals.

With 512GB of internal storage to play with, you should have plenty of bytes for the basics. If you need more data (check out some of the best SSD deals we found this week), you’ll have several USB-C and USB-A ports you can connect an external storage medium to. You’ll also get an SD card slot and hookups for an entire 7.1 audio system. Dell isn’t about to leave you hanging on required peripherals either, and the included Dell Multimedia Keyboard and Wired Mouse are exceptional components that feel great to use. 

While you’ll still need to provide your own monitor for the XPS Desktop, you should have no issue with brand-to-brand compatibility. We do suggest having a look at some of the monitor deals we’ve been digging up, especially if you’re looking to keep everything on your literal desk top within the same ecosystem. 

Powerhouse PCs are made by other companies too, but when we have the chance to call out an awesome Dell deal, you bet your bottom dollar we’re going to do it! While this fantastic sale lasts, you’ll be able to take home the Dell XPS Desktop for just $1,150. That’s a $450 markdown!

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