Demi Lovato Reveals 'Cool For The Summer' Is About Her Fling With A Famous Woman

Demi Lovato is shedding light on the muse behind her hit single “Cool for the Summer,” but she’s staying tight-lipped about some of the details.

The former Disney star stopped by “The Howard Stern Show” on Monday and discussed the mystery woman, whom she detailed sharing a smooch with in the 2015 song.

“Don’t tell your mother/Kiss one another/Die for each other,” Lovato sang on the track.

Taking an apparent stab in the dark, Stern asked whether the tune was about a person named Susan, prompting Lovato to laugh off his guess.

“No, it’s not a Susan,” the singer said. “Sometimes I write songs and I just let them be.”

After Stern questioned whether the woman in the steamy lyrics is famous, Lovato at first offered a reserved reply — “What if she is?” — before confirming the person’s celeb status.

The singer noted that her former flame has no clue she inspired the song. Stern continued nudging Lovato to divulge the woman’s identity, but Lovato suggested she wasn’t inclined to share the name out of respect for her current beau.

“I’m in a relationship now, and I feel like that would be inappropriate,” the “Camp Rock” actor said. “I missed the moment. I should have said it back then.”

Lovato has been publicly dating her boyfriend, the Toronto-based artist Jutes, since August 2022.

Though she didn’t cough up an answer to Stern, Lovato knows her vague responses will keep the gossip pot stirring. “People are going to wonder now,” she joked.

The pop star went on to reveal that she dropped the single before telling her parents she identified as bisexual at the time.

Though Lovato initially thought it would be a harrowing experience, she recalled that coming out was actually “really easy” and that her stepfather was not surprised.

“My dad was like, ‘Yeah, you have a song called ‘Cool for the Summer,’” she remembered him saying, seemingly pointing to the lyrics as a dead giveaway.

Back in March 2021, Lovato indicated that she was pansexual.

“I’m so fluid now — and a part of the reason why I am so fluid is because I was super closeted off,” she said on “The Joe Rogan Experience.”