DeSantis supporters give rave reviews in Iowa

STORY: ''I think he's straightforward. He's done a lot of great things for Florida. And right now we need to do something to protect our country from Biden,'' said 78-year-old DeSantis supporter Beverly Gazmin.

''I think he did great. I was honestly undecided when I started, when he came in and he said all the things that I wanted to hear. And he hit all the points,'' said Abbie Meyer.

Twenty-seven-year-old Ryan Kelly, said there was no reason to vote for Trump again.

''Trump's really powerful. You can't dismiss him or undersell him in any way. But I think we've already seen that. And he's it's just not the same guy who he used to be. He's really isn't. And we've done it before. There's no reason really to run him again. Well, there you are,'' he said.

DeSantis bashed Trump on issues such as immigration, COVID policy and federal spending, suggesting that he had drifted away from conservative principles as president.

Iowa is a key state for DeSantis. The Iowa caucuses next February will be the first nominating contest in the nation, and the state's sizeable white, evangelical Christian population has sometimes been at odds with Trump.