Desi Lydic Turns To Fox News To Expose GOP’s True Abortion Stance

Former President Donald Trump’s intentionally vague stance on abortion rights received the “Foxsplains” treatment from “The Daily Show” correspondent Desi Lydic on Monday.

Lydic returned to the air as her Fox News-obsessed character to expose what Republicans really care about — and it is power.

“Republicans have principles that they will not compromise on unless it’s an election year,” she said. “I want power. Whatever principles give me power, I choose those.”

With presumptive GOP presidential nominee Trump’s position on the issue appearing to be whatever he thinks will win him the most votes, Lydic described Trump as “pro-life, but he’s pro-choice for states, he’s pro-ch-life.”

She added in the spoof clip, “We must protect the sacred life of Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.”

Watch the video here: