I desperately want one of Hyte’s adorable new PC cases

Three Hyte Milky Y70 cases: one blue, one pink, and one purple.

It’s been a big day for Hyte, and an interesting Computex 2024 lies ahead. The company unveiled some exciting new cooling solutions, and then followed that up with the greatly anticipated Y70 Touch Infinite — a successor to a PC case that was so well-received that it exhausted the world’s supply of 1100-by-3840 displays.

However, if you ask me, all of that pales in comparison to the ultra-cute Hyte Milky Y70 chassis, which is a massive gaming PC case that comes in three totally unexpected colors that make me want to rebuild my PC from scratch.

What can I say, I enjoy an unusual PC aesthetic, and the Hyte Milky Y70 satisfies that craving. Available in Taro Milk, Strawberry Milk, and Blueberry Milk, these cases appear to be the standard Y70 case sans the display. Feature-wise, that’s a downgrade, but Hyte’s touchscreen can be bought and installed separately, which should come in handy if you want to pick one of these up. Building a color-themed PC will be next to impossible, though, as most components don’t come in shrouds in matching shades — but hey, you can always improvise.

While the chassis are pleasing to look at, Hyte’s bigger accomplishment lies in releasing the updated version of its Touch case, the Hyte Y70 Touch Infinite. We reviewed the original case and loved it, and we weren’t alone. It quickly became a gamer favorite, so much so that Hyte ran into trouble sourcing the touchscreens. This prompted the redesign, which delivered a new screen combined with the same PC case.

The Hyte Y70 Touch Infinite case.

The new Infinite touchscreen is a 14.5-inch display with a 688-by-2560 resolution. It’s larger than its predecessor, and it offers improvements in terms of compatibility and resource management. Hyte promises a 33% closer dot pitch to make the image look sharper, alongside a 17% brighter LCD panel with a significantly higher contrast ratio.

The refresh rate is at a standard 60Hz, but do we really need anything better out of a chassis touchscreen? To that end, Hyte also boosted the pixel response time by 50% to make using the Y70 Touch Infinite more seamless. The Y70 Touch Infinite can be bought separately if you already own a Y70 case or plan to buy one without the display.

The new Hyte Y70 Touch Infinite is already available for preorder, starting at $380, while the display upgrade alone costs $200 and up. Meanwhile, the Milky Y70 cases start at $220, and I would be lying if I said that I weren’t irrationally tempted.