New dialysis facility opens at Windsor Regional Hospital

New dialysis facility opens at Windsor Regional Hospital

A new addition to Windsor Regional Hospital's renal program opened Wednesday in the old Goyeau St. Bell building, after about a year of construction. 

The new space will house 30 dialysis stations, 15 of which are being transferred from a previous facility at McDougall Ave.  Dialysis eliminates waste from the blood in cases of kidney disease.

Comfortable setting for lengthy treatments

The hospital says its new location on Goyeau will provide more space for patients, boasting larger windows and a more comfortable setting. With many patients having to sit in a renal chair for dialysis multiple times per week, for three to four hours at a time, hospital officials say providing a spacious environment is a big improvement.

"The new unit is a wonderful, bright, fresh and comfortable setting." said Monica Staley Liang, vice president in charge of the renal program at Windsor Regional Hospital in a news release.

Existing renal patients who were receiving care at the McDougall location will transfer to the new Goyeau facility, while the dialysis facility at the WRH Ouellette campus will retain ten stations for more acute cases.